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2020-07-01 13:29:06

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Our goal today is to explain how to enable Auto Battle as this is an interesting option in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

What is Auto Battle in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

It is one of the necessary options to advance in this game as long as we are at an adequate level, because activating it will allow us to get out, and this does not imply anything more than grinding BP since it is the necessary element to increase the level , since the idea of all this is to do damage and distribute it as much as possible.

How to enable Auto Battle in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road?

Activating or enabling the automatic battle mode easily allows us to move with more precision, since it is necessary to do it manually this means that we must move the cards when we see the button on the left, then we touch the blue button that is quite small and rectangular shape that says Auto and is located exactly at the bottom allowing us exactly the automatic battle.

In this button we can clearly see 3 lines that easily become 3 arrows that point upwards indicating that the battle is activated and this we must take with caution and that we do not have the possibility of reloading our deck, because it is essential to know that we are already immersed in the automatic battle and we have enough HP.

This is all that we know so far about How to enable Auto Battle and thereby make our activity in Kingdom Hearts Dark Road have a crucial role.

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