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With our Kill It With Fire guide you will learn more about how to get all the equipment.

What to know about the team at Kill It With Fire?

Throughout this game we will have complicated confrontations, among which is a common spider, in order to eliminate this kind of opponent it is necessary to know how to get all the equipment, taking into account many aspects, the main one is that your Unlocking occurs once we progress in the game, after we unlock it from that point we will have it available for the rest of the way we are going to travel, among the teams we have Revolver, shotgun, C4, Molotov, Energy drink and many more, Now if we want to see more details we just have to pay attention to the next content of this guide, then let's do them.
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    How to get all the equipment in Kill It With Fire?

    Let's look at some of the equipment and details for its unlocking below:

    • The shotgun: we are going to find this in the main bedroom in the closet, for this it is necessary to take the key that is in the top drawer next to the bed, on the green screen and this happens on level 2.
    • The revolver: once we have unlocked level 1.
    • The C4: it is necessary to complete 5 objectives that are presented to us in level 2 and access the safe in the hidden room.
    • The flamethrower: we access this at level 1.
    • The energy drink: it is necessary to carry out 3 deaths to be able to open the refrigerator that is in the first room of the store, this happens at level 4.
    • The silenced pistol: we will find it on the ground near the store but first we have to open the red container, this at level 4.
    • The Molotov: we have to open a closet that is inside the garage, this on level 3.
    • Cheese puffs: in the bedroom where the green screen is on level 2.
    • Gasoline: On the ground very closely to the blue car at the fuel pump, this at level 4.
    • The frying pan: it is necessary to unlock the oven and thus collect the frying pan on level 3.

     This is all we know so far about how to get all the gear, so we should be on the lookout for further details at Kill It With Fire.

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