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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-08-15 16:35:09

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For those who want to know how to open the closet door in Kill It With Fire we prepared this article in response.

What is the objective of the Close Encounters level of Kill It With Fire.

In one of the first objectives of this level you will have to discover is the main bedroom that contains an en suite bathroom and a closet and other elements. You can access almost everything in this lens, however to access the closet you will need something else, so pay attention
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How to open the closet door in Kill It With Fire.

To be able to access the golden lock on the door you will have to get a key which is not hidden in this room or in the bathroom either. To obtain the key you will have to have reached 10 spider deaths. Which will allow you to access a second bedroom of the house which is a little further on in the main hall on the right side, where you will see the configuration of a transmitter complete with gaming PC and a green screen.

At the end of the room there are some cheese buns and a weapon that will be very useful.

In this same room you will find some drawers next to the bed which you can unlock with 12 deaths, kill the spiders in the room to get them and in one of the drawers will be the golden key that opens the lock of the closet.

When you have it, simply return to the hallway to the master bedroom to access the lock where you will find a double barrel shotgun.

 That's all you have to know about how to open the closet door in Kill It With Fire, we hope our article was as helpful as possible and even managed to find the key quickly.

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