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Lidia Rozo
2020-08-14 20:25:55

More about: Kill It With Fire

In the interesting environment of Kill It With Fire it is vital to know how to get 10 items worth 100 dollars, let's see.

Why get items in Kill It With Fire?

  It is necessary to understand that we are fighting with some bugs that can not only be terribly unpleasant but can scare us, their mere presence already leaves much to be desired, however this is not a reason to flee them, on the contrary it is possible to focus on the possibility of get some necessary items that may be useful to eliminate them and this makes us go shopping at the store.
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How to get 10 items worth $ 100 in Kill It With Fire?

The first thing we must locate is a grocery store, this is not such a simple task since we are conditioned to look for 10 items for an amount no greater than 100 dollars, it is possible to do it in the yard of a gas station on the Major Disadvantages level, The items that we mostly get have a value below 10 dollars are the most common that we can get, especially those for laundry, which implies having to locate one that is of a Regular brand in the front part since some exceed 10 Dollars.

There are several versions of the same product, which is important, they are generally scattered around the store, so it is our task to locate and scan them until we achieve the goal of 10 items for $ 100. Now, to collect them it is only necessary to Use E and move the chosen item on the scanner, here we see the value of the product on our screen, in this way we know whether to take it or not.

 In this sense, knowing how to get 10 items worth $ 100 is a somewhat complex but useful activity in our task of eliminating spiders in Kill It With Fire.

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