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2020-08-06 11:15:52

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Knowing how to find the power cells to unlock the Ancient armor is simply an important task in Horizon Zero Dawn, let's see.

 The Ancient Armor is now available in Horizon Zero Dawn and it simply means having some luck first and for this you need to know how to find the power cells to unlock the ant armor, starting from the search for the armory.

How to get the Ancient armor in Horizon Zero Dawn?

To know how to find the power cells to unlock the ant armor, it is necessary to focus on getting the armory, since it is the place to which we must resort in the first instance, and that is that it is exactly located after the location of the Metallic Flowers, since from there it is where the difficult work of the cells comes to us.

We should focus on locating a bunker that is located on the east side of the map, relatively close to the ruins marker that is specifically in the southwest of Strider and which can be accessed by climbing and jumping through the rocks where we got a hole and We proceed to jump to the second, if we fall there is no worry about falling into the water since we will only swim a little until we can see the armor through a glass.

When we look at the armor through the glass in Horizon Zero Dawn we realize that it is closed and it is vital to know how to find the power cells to unlock the ant armor, which simply leads us to a strenuous search, since there are 5 cells that are perfectly distributed To achieve our objective, which in itself is not easy, but it is also necessary to carry out this task.
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How to find power cells to unlock ant armor in Horizon Zero Dawn?

 The places where cells can be found are bunkers and ruins, as these simply look like simple green trucks. Here is the location of the energy cells.


  •  Cell 1: Knowing how to find the power cells to unlock the ant armor allows us to start an interesting search and that is that the first cell is behind a door that is blocked by some formations that we must manage to crush with our spear, but first it is necessary to understand that we cannot reach this place as a child, so it will be necessary to progress a bit in Horizon Zero Dawn and then return to the original bunker from the beginning of the game when Aloy is already an adult.
  • Cell 2: We continue our journey in search of the cells and this leads us to get the cell behind a closed door, because if we realize well we observe that there is an opening on the left side where it is possible to access only by dragging ourselves to take the cell It is we got it specifically after the second test where we woke up losing our equipment in the Mother Mountain.
  • Cell 3: To get this power cell it is necessary to remove the enemies from ruin, because after that we will see a door that contains locks, specifically 3, to get this cell it is necessary to look for the box and it is located in the northwest of the map at the Sepulcher at Horizon Zero Dawn.
  • Cell 4: This cell implies finishing the search for the deteriorated meeting room, because here we have learned the origin of the machines, our work here consists of heading through the scalable rocks since they allow us to reach the top where it is said power cell, as this occurs particularly in the search for the Creator's End.
  • Cell 5: Our work to know how to find the power cells to unlock the ant armor leads us to the location of the last cell and this leads us through a secret path that must be accessed through the lighthouse that moves us through the tunnels of the mountain until visualizing a shelf where said cell is located, this occurs during the search for The mountain that fell.

How to unlock Ancient Armor in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Now that we have the power cells with us, it is finally time to unlock the armor, this involves plugging the first 2 cells into the dark dials, since this allows you to observe the code to unlock the door on the terminal on the right so only returning to the ruins where we saw the armor behind the glass, because here it is necessary to orient ourselves as a military list in the following way:


  •  Up.
  • Right.
  • Down.
  • Left.
  • Up.


 We continue to the next room to proceed to plug in the following remaining cells, because here we get the other code of the armor but this is listed as angles and they are located in this way:

  •  Right.
  • Left.
  • Down.
  • Right.
  • Left.

 Now that you know how to find the power cells to unlock the ant armor, focus on this interesting quest that we can only carry out in Horizon Zero Dawn