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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-08-11 17:29:05

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Pay attention to this article if you wonder how to fix error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero.

What is Horizon Dawn Zero error CE-34878-0?

This is an error that is being presented to PlayStation 4 users and has nothing to do with the game itself, so it can be presented in any game. What the error indicates is that the game has crashed, but in this case there is nothing to worry about because we have it solved.

How to fix error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero?

The first thing you can try is to restart the game, this should fix the problem immediately, but if the problem persists, you will have to close the game and hold the power button again for at least 10 seconds. When the console shuts down you will need to unplug the power cord and let the console rest for at least 20 minutes. After this time, reconnect the cable and turn on your console to check that the error is no longer there.

In case this solution has not fixed the problem or it appears shortly after, you can try any of the following.

How to fix error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero - Update the game?

Having the game out of date can lead to not only this, but other errors, so we recommend you check if there are any pending updates. With this in mind you will have to go to the games library, place the cursor on the game and press the Options button on the controller and select Check for update, if there is any pending to download it.
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How to Fix Error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero - Update Console?

To update the console you will have to press and hold the power button and release it at the second beep to access safe mode. Select Update system software and choose the storage device and install the update if any are pending.

How to fix error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero - Clear cache on PS4?

These temporary files could cause problems if they have damaged files, so to delete them you will have to restart the PS4. So turn off the console completely and disconnect the power cables, let it sit for at least 30 seconds before connecting everything and turning it back on, you should find the problem is gone.

How to fix error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero - Reinstallation?

If nothing has worked so far, there are two things to do, reinstall the game and if this does not work you will have to reinstall the original hard drive.

This is how our guide on how to repair error CE-34878-0 in Horizon Dawn Zero ends, we hope you have been able to solve your problem with our recommendations and do not forget that if any method does not work, you will have to go to the next one until you find the correct one.

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