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Angel Marquez
2021-04-08 20:07:28

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With our Hearthstone guide you will learn more about How to play Classic Handlock.

What to know about Hearthstone?

The decks that have been iconic come to be seen playable again in their original state, where the Handlok option is presented as the highlighted one to do so, this while it is possible to revert the cards to their 2014 state, but it is necessary to understand how. Play Classic Handlock and it is what will be explained in the details of the next content, let's see what it is about.

How to play Classic Handlock in Hearthstone?

It must be borne in mind that the difference with the naked eye with the control decks is not palpable, only that its hero power allows knowing How to play Classic Handlock to draw cards accumulating a hand advantage from the very beginning, this becomes the basic Over the years, it is possible that with aggro or control decks there are so many clashes, which offers learning beyond the standard, the decks to consider in Hearthstone are the following:
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  • Ancient Watcher x2
  • Fake Earth Ring x2
  • Death Coil x2
  • Iron-billed Owl x2
  • Big Game Hunter x1
  • Defender of Argus x2
  • Twilight Drake x2
  • Hellfire x2
  • Mountain Giant x2
  • Molten Giant x2
  • Leeroy Jenkins x1
  • Lord Jaraxxus x1
  • Faceless Manipulator x2
  • Overwhelming Power x1
  • Sun's Fury Protector x2
  • Ragnaros the Fire Lord x1
  • Shadowflame x1
  • Sylvanas Windrunner x1
  • Siphon Soul x1

Certainly the Handlock can become the most expensive before other options, only that it is ideal to replace the elimination options highlighting Soulfire or Twisting Nether, it is necessary that we seek to have Twilight Drake or Mountain Giant in our initial hand, because it will result be beneficial for the game that leads to the draw of cards, only that the board is maintained without individual subjects or that they become forced to eliminate them from the very beginning, when we have an aggro confrontation, we will have the infernal fire to kill the subjects on turn 4 for most of these.

To defeat the enemies it is appropriate to rely on the elimination effects that having a pair of Mountain giants represents and also silence, which happens before the middle or the game ends, to ensure that a minion enemy comes directly it is possible to combine ancient watchers, twilight dragons and the mountain giants before the taunt of the protector of the fury of the sun or defender of argus is used, now the use of Lord Jaraxxus represents that a 15 of the blocker's HP, which will be activated with the purpose of leaving the lethal zone or after using the molten giants, among them as a hero, you also have to come with a 3/6 Lord Jaraxxus weapon, even In addition to a hero power capable of summoning an infernal 6/6, it is considerable that Jaraxxus acted as a hero despite counting as a demon, thereby achieving the sacrificial pact that would lead to the end of the game.

We can conclude that knowing how to play Classic Handlock is easier than thought once we consider these details and just by applying it we can perform with greater skill in Hearthstone.

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