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Hearthstone Battlegrounds: How to play - Beginner guide

2019-11-07 12:39:14

In the following guide we will find a Beginner's Guide on how to play in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

In Hearthstone Battlegrounds we will have a new game mode, in which we will find many stones of hearts, where we will explore something new and brave in the area of ​​battle cars, it is possible that they can be compared with some games since we will see something similar to the game of Blizzard cards in the ranks of Auto Chess, Teamfight Tactics and Dota Underlords, but to say that it is a copy of them is inconclusive, which leads us to the question of how to play this and to know it we will have the following content of a Guide to beginners

What should we know before playing in Hearthstone Battlegrounds?

 The first thing we are going to do is choose a Hero in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, in this version we will have the option to choose between 24 different characters, each one has a hero power, but we will only be allowed to choose between a group of 3 characters randomly, it is It is important that this selection is with intelligence, because according to the powers of the hero that we will choose, it will vary in cost, effectiveness and in adaptation to our strategy that we will use, to know more, let's continue with the Beginner's Guide to help us.

Beginner's guide to how to play in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

 To understand how to play we must pay attention to the content of the following Beginner's Guide:

 To start our fight we must buy subjects, with this the recruitment phase begins, 3 gold will be the cost of each subject, if we do not like the group, we will be able to update it for 1 gold, now if the subjects we see interest us and we find that we can not choose any in this turn, there is a way to freeze the board without paying, if we fire one of the subjects, we will generate extra income, if it already exists on the board we fire it by clicking and dragging it to the Bartender, With this, 1 gold will be added to our funds.

 By updating our Tavern we can have access to more powerful subjects, only to do this generates expenses in gold, despite this it will increase the value of our subordinates and even our Tavern will increase its level, if we get to buy 3 subjects of it, a copy Golden with more statistics we will get, it is interesting because once we have this copy, we will gain a magical power that will lead us to the discovery of a subject at no cost.

 There is time limit for the recruitment phase, for this reason we must arrange our subjects very carefully, in the combat phase now, the subjects will attack the subjects that are on the other side of the board, it will be in a traditional way, going left On the right, the basic Hearthstone rules will still apply. So there is a subject of Taunt here, we must first attack this, if the divine shield has a subject, he can receive the full blow. If you have a deadly battle, after dying, you will invoke more subjects. If there is one with stat-buffing, it will have the same effect as in normal play, in the Battleground game mode some subjects will be exclusive, to see if they fit into our strategy we will check the effects carefully.

The side of the remaining subjects will be the winner and this will cause damage to the opponent, depending on the level of each subject that is added to the level of the tavern will be the calculation of the damage that will be caused, if there is no surviving subject it will be a tie. In Hearthstone Battlegrounds there are 8 participants, in the combat the confrontation will be between 2 opponents, when one of the participants falls it is possible that there is an odd number of them, so it will be placed in a combat with a dead player. This will be in representation of Kel'thuzad and our victory will be without problems, it is important that we know that the victory will be obtained if we are the only one left at the end and if we are defeated before the end we can try again when returning to the main menu.

 We already have all the knowledge in this Beginner's Guide to know how to play in Hearthstone Battlegrounds.

In conclusion, if we want to know how to play in Hearthstone Battlegrounds, let's use this Beginner's Guide, hopefully the content will be useful and comply with what was sought.

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