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We welcome you to our Hunt Showdown guide, where we will talk about How to beat Scrapbeak.

Who is Scrapbeak at Hunt Showdown?

It is a boss that we must face in the game, with which everything around him is modified, something that turns out to be new, even making changes to the rules that exist in the game, now it is ideal that we take into account How to beat Scrapbeak and that is what will be explained in the following paragraphs of this guide, let's see.

How to beat Scrapbeak in Hunt Showdown?

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    Once we are in the location of this boss, it is necessary that we search for flashlights and weapons that help us in the melee, but it turns out that this boss has under his control everything that can be useful to us. Around him, then he will be handling any of the weapons such as a shovel, ax, fork and hammer, he even uses concertina beams with great precision when he is involved in the frenzy phase, which occurs once he loses every 25 percent of its health in Hunt Showdown, while we progress in the combat it turns out that this enemy will evolve, which happens every time it enters the frenzy state, with this in turn allows the release of some objects and uses different weapons, but the problem is that the objects it drops will be damaged, achieving in turn an increase in speed as the load has decreased, a fact to consider in terms of How to beat Scrapbeak when advancing the fight.

    Our advantages will be eliminated when facing this boss, achieving control of the objects and the space with concertinas, the footsteps that he makes in turn prevent us from listening quietly while we enter his lair, while he makes a shriek that has effects on our ears, it certainly has great resistance, considering that it has a backpack that allows it to reduce damage by 50 percent plus the 50 percent resistance it achieves with frenzy, it resists blunt damage and running through cables can be a challenge considerable at Hunt Showdown.

    A sticky bomb will be the key that allows us to solve How to beat Scrapbeak, what is achieved with this is to make his health almost completely drop, ending it in a few words, another option to consider is to stab him with a stabbing weapon multiple times, only that it is required to carry one or that it becomes its own weapon when entering the frenzy mode, considering that it can be a hammer, you have to take into account the advantageous cavalry saber, with some luck it is possible that the boss will release a fork, being necessary that at all times we focus on the mask, which is its vital point that causes the greatest amount of damage.

    Now that you know how to beat Scrapbeak just do it and keep progressing in the fun that Hunt Showdown offers you.

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