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If you want to know how to unlock all Keepsakes in Hades then you are in the right place, details will be covered here.

What to know about all Keepsakes in Hades?

Through almost all the characters that we find, they will give us a memory, taking into account that this happens when giving nectar, it is something that we can constantly obtain as we advance in the game, now it is necessary that we know how to unlock all the memories and this guide is going to help us in this regard, so we must pay close attention to the following.

How to unlock all Keepsakes in Hades?

The use of nectar is the key so that we get to unlock all the memories while we use it on the correct characters, let's see the following:

  • Artemis: from this one receives 10/15/20 percent of their blessings that they are rare or, said memory is Adam arrowhead.
  • Ares: This character's blessings are 10/15/20 percent rare or better, this from the keepsake vial filled with blood
  • Aphrodite: This character's blessings bring with them in rarities or upgrades of 10/15/20 percent, indicated by the memory of the Eternal Rose
  • Athena: from this character we are going to receive the owl pendant, said blessing brings with it 10/15/20 in terms of the options of being rare or better.
  • Achilles: with the memory of Myrmidon Bracer we will be able to receive less damage by 20/25/30 percent and an additional 10 percent
  • Charon: we have that with the bone hourglass we will have the duration of the encounters increased by 4/6/8
  • Cerberus: with this we will gain health 25/38/50, it is the old v-neck
  • Demeter: we will get the blessing that brings 10/15/20 percent of being strange or better with the memory obtained from the Frozen Horn
  • Dusa - Harpy Feather brings with it 2/3/4 percent healing items
  • Dionisio: the blessing that the memory of this character brings us brings with it a 10/15/20 percent in terms of rare or improvements and for this to get the overflowing Cup
  • Eurydice: once we are in the clashes in the underworld with the bosses, we will achieve with the memory of the evergreen acorn not receiving damage in 3/4/5 times
  • Hypnos: we will obtain from the Chtonic 100/125/150 purse of the Charon's mite, which allows us at our discretion for each time we try to flee
  • Hermes: We will gain with the memory of Lambent's pen gain 1 / 1.1 / 1.2 percent for the opportunity to dodge and speed when moving through the encounters
  • Megaera: with the memory of the skull earrings we have 20/30/40 percent more damage and health with 30 percent
  • Nyx: when hitting the enemies we will see the damage distributed with the black shawl at 10/15/20 percent and these from behind can be hit
  • Orpheus: we will be able to cause 10/20/30 percent damage to the most distant enemies with distant memory
  • Patroclus: once we have received some damage, with the memory of the broken spear we will be invulnerable in a few seconds 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 and in 7 seconds later it refreshes
  • Poseidon: the blessing that we are going to obtain from the Snail Shell brings with it a 10/15/20 percent chance that they are strange or improvements
  • Skelly: we will survive with 50/75/100 life when receiving lethal damage if we have the Lucky Tooth
  • Sisyphus: we will cause more damage with our special attack by having the blessing of the shattered Shackel
  • Thanatos: We will gain 1 / 1.5 / 2 percent damage in each encounter we end with no damage taken with the Pierced Butterfly
  • Zeus - Thunder signer's blessing brings a 10/15/20 percent chance of being strange or better

In conclusion, knowing how to unlock all Keepsakes is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving game such as Hades.

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