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This time we return with a Watch Dogs 2 guide with the aim of explaining how to fix activation key problem in Epic Games.

What to know about the activation key in Epic Games of Watch Dogs 2?

It is a game that we can access for free but once we download it, there is a problem when wanting to start the game, it turns out that it sends us to Uplay and asks us for an activation key in the place of this start of It is certainly possible to solve it automatically, but it is something that bothers all the players, to have the answers we have the content of this guide focused on helping us to know how to solve the activation key problem in Epic Games, only Let's see what this is about.

How to fix the activation key problem in Epic Games of Watch Dogs 2?

What we will do first is close the Uplay and the epic games store, it is important that this is not going to be running in the background, then we will go to C: Program Files (x86) UbisoftUbisoft Game Launchercache, here what we are going to To do is a backup copy of the folder that says property and then we are going to delete the cache folder completely, a restart of the Epic Games Store is necessary and we will execute the game from our library, taking into account that we will be asked to link our Uplay account and for this we have to follow the steps that will appear on our screen, what we must see is the automatic activation of the game and the installation to start, in some cases it has been solved with only a restart of the PC.

Now that you know how to fix activation key problem in Epic Games, apply what is indicated and that you will have access to Watch Dogs 2.

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