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Angel Marquez
2020-09-21 17:54:50

More about: Super Mario Sunshine

We welcome you to our Super Mario Sunshine guide where we will talk about How to unlock the Hawaiian shirt.

What to know about the Hawaiian shirt in Super Mario Sunshine?

  This game is part of the All Stars 3D collection, where great sunny adventures are presented in tropical places, it is possible that our beloved Mario will change his outfit, the Hawaiian shirt being within our reach, although it does not actually cause any special effect We are talking about an aesthetic bonus that only changes the colors of what Mario wears, but it is something that is more suited to the title to have our character with that aspect, but it is necessary then that we get to know how to unlock the Hawaiian shirt, for such The purpose of this guide is, its content points to the answers we need, which will lead us to pay close attention from now on, let's see what it brings us then.

How to unlock Hawaiian shirt in Super Mario Sunshine?

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You have to beat Bowser apart from passing the game correctly, this due to the completion bonus that allows receiving the Hawaiian shirt, taking into account the factors that are related to the achievement of finding the Shine Sprites required to be successful in the end of the game, but we must bear in mind that it is not something won instantly, when we finish with Bowser it is necessary that we go to Delfino square and go where the sunglasses seller is, specifically he is under an umbrella in a part of the beach, when we talk to him we are going to get the Hawaiian shirt, which leads us to be able to equip Mario with sunglasses too, to take it off if we want to talk to the seller again.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to Unlock the Hawaiian Shirt has been useful to have fun in Super Mario Sunshine.

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