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We continue our land adventure and this time we are going to talk about where to get thistle needles.

What are thistle needles on Earth?

These are only fundamental weapons and end up being an extremely useful tool, especially since they are a necessary resource in the production of arrows, the formidable and necessary weapons to eliminate large insects.

Where to get thistle needles on Earth?

The first thing that we must consider is that these needles are a fundamental element in the elaboration of the arrows, in addition the thistle particularly is a plant that has stems very similar to those of the dandelion, which implies that it is a plant that we must hitting on more than one occasion to remove the needles and keep them in our inventory.
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    The thistle plant is not really very difficult to obtain, since the sun will need to direct us to the garden, since it is only enough to locate ourselves in a strategic point to observe and go for the needles, since a particular point of reference is the oak of the garden already that they are usually relatively close.

    Our job of getting thistle needle is not always easy because we are presented with some bugs with which it is necessary to deal, but this has no greater implication since we can get rid of facts, take our needles and go for the creation of arrows because with them we will be able to fight against more powerful enemies.

    Now that you know where to get thistle needles it is time for you to do so then you soon need arrows to fight large enemies on the ground.

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