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Definitely Grounded allows us to have interesting resources and this allows us to teach you how to make a torch

What is the object of the torch in Grounded?

  Little by little we find a number of bugs that usually attack us and this implies having some necessary implements, as torches are some of them since sometimes we are probably in the dark, because not having it can put us in trouble and not it is precisely what we need and want.
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    How to make a torch in Grounded?

    The torches simply illuminate us when the sun has not risen and prevent bugs from attacking us, and this implies having some necessary elements to proceed to place them in the Tools tab of the Craft menu.

    1 Sap: we can get this from trees or branches because it is easy to identify because they are simply yellow spots.

     2 Bouquet: twigs are small plants that we can get scattered all over the ground and we get them while we explore.

     3 pieces of dry grass: We must use a cutting tool, we proceed to take the dry, pale, yellow grass from the ground.

     2 Woven fiber: This fiber is obtained from vegetable fiber after being analyzed, and this can be done in the Materials tab of the Craft menu, since this vegetable fiber can be obtained in the soil and it will only be enough to take some samples.

     This is all you need to know about how to make a torch, as this is a very useful tool on our Grounded tour.

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