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Angel Marquez
2020-07-31 20:33:33

More about: Destroy All Humans

This time we return with a Destroy All Humans guide, aiming to explain how to return to the ship.

What to know about the return to the ship in Destroy All Humans?

Returning to the ship is important, with this we will find access to 3 different and necessary menus, such as the mission selection, the smallpox laboratory and the archives laboratory, each one plays a different role, being these the following:

  • The selection of mission: in this menu we will have access to the visualization of all the progress regarding the missions that we have completed and also of those that are available at the moment they are unlocked, we will make the respective selection at our personal discretion, with the fact of completing a mission it is possible to see extra content released in the same mission already completed and it will be ideal to enter this again to see what we will find.
  • The smallpox laboratory: From here it is possible to make the necessary improvements to our weapons, the operation of this menu is focused on updates, now for this to be possible we have to obtain the DNA of the human furon, which Allows direct purchases to make improvements.
  • The files: here we find the option to access the tutorials, put the new skins on our characters and even perform mission repetitions through the Holopox cover, it is not something outstanding but it does influence the game, Now what follows in the content of this guide will help us figure out how to get back to the ship, let's see the details below.

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How to return to the ship in Destroy All Humans?

From the pause menu it is possible to return to the ship if we left the mission, or also at the time of completing it, which will lead us to have access to the 3 menus that we previously mentioned, comes to give us the menu in relation to the story main game, keep in mind not to confuse them with the game menu, you can customize the many features that have to do with missions, improvements and much more.

Finally, now that we know how to get back to the ship, we can move on to Destroy All Humans.

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