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Occupations on land do not wait this allows us to indicate how to obtain a canteen recipe, let's see.

What is the use of the canteen on land?

Our journey through this somewhat terrifying adventure involves staying alive but not only to avoid being eliminated by enemies but it is necessary to eat and drink water, the canteen is a necessary container where we can carry clean water to drink, especially because by not consuming water our resistance is cemented, and this here simply is not an option.

How to get a recipe for canteen on land?

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    This only requires having some interesting resources such as:

    3 food hides: for this it is necessary to look for some acorns on the ground, crush them with a hammer and take the shells, then we collect them and proceed to look for some alterations that usually move in the mud, we dig it up with the shovel and then we hit it until it dies to proceed to hide it, let's analyze the larvae and this allows us to access the craft table to get going.

    2 woven fibers: these are achieved by bringing vegetable fiber to the resource analyzer.

    This is all you need to get, now you know how to get a canteen recipe just try it on your own, you will see that it is not difficult at Grounded.

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