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Today we make a Destroy All Humans guide for you where we explain how to Holobob

What is Holobob in Destroy All Humans?

  This is nothing more than a necessary ability whose objective is to make invaders evade hidden threats, it is an ability that can be used after executing the first mission as this allows us to disguise ourselves as humans through a NPC, this truly It is simple because it usually works as a simple holographic disguise, since it is ideal to make enemies not see us and this can be done by aiming at the enemy with the D-pad.
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    How to holobob in Destroy All Humans?

    This Holobob is simply a copy and usually remains invisible because it is only necessary to do it by pointing the enemy with the D-pad to get a costume that can offer us the possibility of going unnoticed, without anyone noticing, it also has the possibility of scanning other humans with the bark and for this it will only be enough to press Y / Triangle. Although this skill is highly interesting, it is simply not the best because there are other much more formidable skills such as Psychokinesis because with it it is possible that they can break the illusion of the copy which is complicated because it can reveal the location being very bad since the Holobob will thus run out extremely quickly.

    Knowing how to Holobob simply becomes an interesting task, as it is a very useful disguise, only that this could be totally compromised if a human becomes a witness to the activation and this implies moving quickly to destroy who has seen us or Failing that, escape to locate a hiding place and get rid of this costume by just pressing the D-pad up and then finally board the ship. It is good to consider that this ability is usually perfect for secondary missions, we can give it some use in optional missions, and this can simply open up the possibilities to access the updates that are hidden since it allows us to have the possibility of some graphics new.

     In this sense, knowing how to Holobob is simply a fundamental activity because this implies having great advantages against enemies in Destroy All Humans.

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