Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-11-18 05:52:57

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Guide to learn how to customize your character appearance in Godfall

 For those unfamiliar with this game, Godfall is a new looter game that has just been released for PS5 and PC through the Epic Games Store and was developed by Counterplay Games and published by Gearbox Software. That said, players will be able to team up with each other and go through a series of missions as they try to farm enemies for better loot and gear when they reach the endgame content. The truth is that it would be very useful and fun to customize your character and if you wonder if this is possible, of course it is! and in this guide we will give you the details to do it correctly.

How to customize your character appearance in Godfall?

Although it is a good thing that you can customize your character, the truth is that it is not as deep as you would expect, especially if you are used to other games of a similar genre like Destiny 2.

This game will put you in control of a main character named Orin, and this turns out to be a fixed character in appearance. However, what can be changed is your Valorplate, which determines the overall appearance of your character, as well as your stats and build.
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All about the Valorplate

You'll unlock your first Valorplate after completing the tutorial at the Solar Forge Temple, and you will be able to unlock even more if you have enough Valorplate cores and other specific resources. You can also access the Cosmetics menu of each Valorplate to change its theme and color.

From the menu, press L3 to access her cosmetics and you will be able to change her Valorplate's skin and equipped weapons if she has any skin available. For now, the only skins available are pre-ordering the game and getting the Ultimate Edition.

Being a new game it is still possible that they release more masks than you can choose, until then you can only settle for what is available.

 Now that you know how to
customize your character appearance in Godfall you will be able to appreciate a slight but equally significant change of appearance for your character while you enjoy this new installment of the video game. To play!