Lidia Rozo
2020-11-13 11:02:07

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Godfall has finally arrived and with it things to do, so today we tell you how to solve the hidden objective purple crystal puzzle

What are the purple crystals in Godfall?

These are simply a total of 4 crystals that are necessary to find, this is a task that can become somewhat complex due to the number of enemies with which we get and their main work focuses on taking us down, only this time we get before a puzzle for which it is necessary to make use of elemental vision.
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How to solve the hidden hidden objective purple crystal puzzle in Godfall?

 It is necessary to comment that the purple crystals are a total of 4 transparent, nothing usually happens to them because no matter how much we hit them, they are not usually damaged, but instead they can disappear, because this occurs when we lower the elemental vision , which leads us to use elemental vision as long as we are interacting with the crystals, which makes them ideal to open the chest in such a way that it is necessary:


  •  Interact with two crystals that are on.
  • Another glass should be off.
  • It is important to place one lit crystal in front of the chest and the other on the left side.
  • Then the chest is opened, as this order can be random, it does not necessarily happen this way.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to solve the hidden hidden objective purple crystal puzzle leads us to get a chest in Godfall after having removed some enemies from us.