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2020-11-13 07:14:09

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With the arrival of Godfall it is necessary to talk about How to use spiritual vision.

What is spiritual vision in Godfall?

  This is simply one of the skills we have, as we are involved in a fantastic world where it is necessary to complete a series of legendary objectives, as this combat game allows us to activate a twilight beacon in order to reveal some necessary objects to get bonus.

The elements presented in this game are:

  •   Earth.
  • Water.
  • Fire.
  • Air.
  • Spirit.

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Godfall has come to occupy us, and therefore it is necessary to know how to activate the internal focus.

How to use spiritual vision in Godfall?

This is a task that allows us to choose the route of the Twilight Lighthouse, because with this we get an interesting and much better loot in addition to having to complete the mission in a specific kingdom, since the spiritual vision necessary to choose to open chests that They are hidden, and when it is active we can see it as a ray of red light, only that each chest that we can observe has as a requirement to complete a puzzle that will open the chest and choose to activate a particular sequence or simply kill crowds.

To activate the Spiritual Vision, it is only necessary to press G on the PC and thus achieve the respective search that leads us to achieve at least three hidden objectives and thus get the possibility of opting for an extra loot, the possibility of redoing the objective The bonus allows us to do it several times to get more objects, which is simply interesting because it opens the doors and with it we get some interesting improvements to continue our battles, since they are just beginning.

 This is all we can tell you about How to use spiritual vision, because it is only necessary to focus on aspiring to more because thanks to it, chests can be opened in Godfall.

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