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Lidia Rozo
2020-11-19 15:22:05

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As we progress in Godfall we are allowed to get some implements, so today we tell you how to get more weapons

What's the point of getting more weapons in Godfall?

Playing makes us have to focus on getting as many tools as possible to move forward and therefore this embarks us with the possibility of getting more weapons, because its main objective is to make us more powerful, because as we progress we find enemies that can be formidable and for this it is necessary to be properly prepared.
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How to get more weapons in Godfall?

 Killing enemies: this is the best bet we can make to get weapons, because when they die they drop their weapons and that is where we take the opportunity to take them, since these are usually represented by colored orbs.

 Opening chests: this is another alternative with which it is possible to get us and they can be obtained when we carry out missions.

 Through increasing difficulty: This is our last option, although it is true, it opens up the possibilities of getting some number of weapons in such a way that this leads us to increase the difficulty of the game.

 It is worth mentioning that the colors of the weapon's orb can determine its rarity, since the colors are described as follows:


  •  For Legendary weapons the color Orange.
  • For Epic weapons the color Purple.
  • For Rare weapons the color Blue.
  • Green for Uncommon weapons.
  • For the Common weapons the color Gray.


 Equipping weapons is another necessary task that we can do and for this it will only suffice with:

  •  Press the touch to open the menu.
  • Proceed to go to the weapons slot.
  • Next you need to press X.
  • Next we choose the weapon that we are interested in.
  • We proceed to press X again in order to confirm.
  • Finally we leave the menu and that's it.


Now that you know how to get more weapons it is time to embark on this interesting search in Godfall, you must try it.

PlayStation 5 PS5, Microsoft Windows PC
Action role-playing
Counterplay Games
Gearbox Publishing
Unreal Engine 4
Release date:
November 12, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
age rating (PEGI):

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