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2020-11-13 06:48:09

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The adventure for Genshin Impact has a lot to offer us and this allows us to show you where to find Bounties, let's see.

What's new about Genshin Impact with update 1.1?

It is good to remember that this game manages to surprise us all, because very quickly that parrot penetrates the public, in such a way that in just a few days I collect an amount of money, but this was not there and it already brings the update for us 1.1, with much more content where it is necessary to know where to find Bounties and this is because on the one hand some powerful characters arrive which makes it more interesting and on the other hand it brings some Bounties complex enough to be incorporated into the reputation system, that is why this game will continue to give a lot to talk about and what to do for a long time.
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Where to find Bounties in Genshin Impact?

 Our work on these sides is to find a way to earn reputation, an issue that can be complex but necessary, so we must focus our eyes on gaining reputation in such a way that it is necessary to consider these aspects:

  •  For each region of Teyvat it is necessary to reach an adventure rank 25.
  • By becoming a local specialty of Mondstadt it is possible to converse with Hertha who is available to the west of the Angel's Share tavern by completing the first act of the prologue and not only allows to build the Reputation through requests and Bounties but she is the Coordinator of the os Knights of Favonius.
  • It is necessary to consider reaching adventure rank 29 in order to complete the Farewell, Archaic Lord in Liyue.
  • During adventure rank 19 it is possible to talk with Ms. Yu from the Ministry of Civil Affairs as she allows us to accept some ideal and necessary Bounties and requests to build the repair in Genshin Impact.
  • On the other hand, there is the possibility of taking a walk through the late game that is available with reaching adventure rank 30, which in a way can take us some time.
  • Knowing where to find Bounties allows us to focus on reaching Reputation level 2 in a certain region, as this is what allows us to find some amount of Reputation Experience.


 One of the most striking details that we have to consider is the enemies of the Bounties, only that it is necessary to track them using the Elemental View, on the other hand we must be clear that travelers need to pay all the attention as necessary, since each Bounty usually counts with some specific characteristics that are usually applied differently for each player, which allows us to opt for different types of elemental damage to apply them, as this is part of the possibility of getting a reward to be accepted which embarks us to locate some group of enemies and manage to defeat them, some can be formidable and present some particular attributes.

It is good to know that travelers are presented with the possibility of being able to collect the Bounties in Genshin Impact by getting back to some NPC that has offered us the reward, because only when accepting it is important to consider that we have a certain period of time to carry out carry out an investigation through the Elemental Vision, in such a way that this allows us to continue through the blue traces and delve a little into the enemy's traces since this offers us to know where to find Bounties, since it is necessary to know that there is a total of 3 for each week, so it is our job to be as selective as possible when accepting Bounties, this allows us to gain reputation, only it is ideal to place ourselves in getting higher level Bounties plus getting more reputation.

 In this sense, knowing where to find Bounties places us before the weekly challenges and with a high adventure level range to give more weight to our work in Genshin Impact, try it.

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