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2020-11-19 07:58:25

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Guide to learn how to play with friends in Sackboy A Big Adventure

  If you have already played the popular Sackboy A Big Adventure you will know that this game is much better if you change it to multiplayer mode to play with your friends or simply to cooperative mode. Choosing the latter allows your friends to choose additional controllers and enjoy the game together on the same screen. Online multiplayer is also available, although there are some additional obstacles that you will have to overcome before you can start playing online, but don't worry! In this guide we will help you to know how to play with friends without thinking too much about the different options you have in the game.

How to play with friends in Sackboy A Big Adventure?

To play local multiplayer with friends, connect a second controller and press the X button to join. Each player will need to log in, but temporary guest accounts are available to those without a PSN account.

Additional players can join the game at any time, be it from the main menu, in the overworld, or during a level. If a player joins the middle level, they will appear at the next available checkpoint. Once online multiplayer is added to the game, you will be able to invite your friends to your game if they have their own copy of Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

As far as online multiplayer is not currently available in Sackboy according to a post on the PlayStation blog. But do not worry! the same console announced that online multiplayer functionality will be coming to the game before the end of the year through a free update. This update will also include the ability to transfer save data from PS4 to PS5.

Once online multiplayer hits the game and crossplay will be enabled. You will be able to play with your friends regardless of the platform, which means that PlayStation 4 players can join their friends on PlayStation 5 and vice versa.

 Now that you know how to play with friends in Sackboy A Big Adventure you will be able to enjoy the fun of this game with your friends and it will become even more exciting when the Online Multiplayer update. Wait for it and good luck!

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