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Being well equipped is vitally important at Ghost of Tsushima, so today we teach you how to change your armor.

Why change armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

Normally we are exposed to live changes, it is part of the nature of all being, and in this game it is not different, since it is necessary to know how to change your armor, starting from the fact that this is a fundamental structure to be able to progress, because although it is It can certainly give you some particular characteristic, it also brings with it the possibility of getting some advantages and above all, most importantly, the skills that can allow you to emerge victorious and be prepared for every battle you encounter.

When we start the game we realize that Jin is wearing a broken armor, but he will not always have to wear it, because we can change it and this can make you as soon as an opportunity presents itself, especially considering that initially it is possible to acquire a Armor called Traveler's Attire that has some very interesting characteristics to progress in the battle against the Mongols and they are the following:
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  • It allows us to have the possibility of traveling, which allows us to clear the fog of war on the map of at least 20 percent.
  • We have the opportunity to get the controller to vibrate as soon as we are about 30 meters from an artifact to warn us.
  • With this first armor we have the possibility of tracking artifacts with the guiding wind.


 How to change your armor in Ghost of Tsushima?

Changing your armor is not a complex process, but it is necessary, since it is possible to give it some colors or update it and this allows for some interesting changes. However, changing it only requires:


  •  Press the Options button on the controller.
  • Then you must go to Gear where you will select the Suit option.
  • Then you will have the opportunity to go through different armor as these are unlocked as we progress through the game.


 In this sense, changing your armor allows you to put colors on it, because we all have different tastes and the idea is to personalize it, and for this it is necessary to focus on unlocking the flowers that have not been discovered to date, so the work is to progress Through the open world and take advantage of the Guiding Wind, because these flowers are highly valuable since it will be necessary to sell them to get ink and this you can take to go to the Suit menu and get the desired color to apply to the armor you provoke, remember you can buy this ink from a dealer.

Among the many options that you can get to change the armor is to update it, because this can simply give you some interesting change, a probably more pleasant appearance and even that allows us to increase the statistics and to your liking but this requires having supplies and Linen .

 Now that you know how to change your armor, you should just try to get the necessary elements described above and proceed to give those interesting touches in Ghost of Tsushima.

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