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Angel Marquez
2020-07-17 16:15:23

More about: Ghost of Tsushima

With our Ghost of Tsushima guide you will learn more about how to beat General Temuge.

What to know about General Temuge in Ghost of Tsushima?

This is one of the many confrontations that we will have in the game, the capabilities of General Temuge are highlighted with a single purpose, to defeat us, nothing like a one on one sword combat that will become epic, there are still details to consider and this guide He will present us how to beat General Temuge and if he is of great interest we must pay close attention from now on.
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How to beat General Temuge in Ghost of Tsushima?

The attacks will mostly be with a sword covered in flames, with the circle it is possible that we avoid some of the red attacks directed against us, it is a one-on-one combat and that at this point in the game it will be the most difficult, very quickly and armed it is possible that it defeats us if we do not dodge its attacks, for that reason it is necessary to do it and standard counterattacks to use, surely they become combos of 2 or 3 blows that come towards us, with a coordination it is possible that we take advantage the counterattack as soon as it completes the last blow to cause damage, if we err it will stop our attack.

For the key points that will lead us to be victorious is the moment when the flame that covers the sword goes out, here we just have to dodge the red attacks and use regular combos, we will overcome him while we follow this strategy, there is a sound of vapor that means the end of the flame and that cannot be visualized, from here our opportunities will be increased, let's be constant until we finish with it.

 Finally, now that we know how to beat General Temuge, we can move on to Ghost of Tsushima.

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