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2020-07-17 09:02:31

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Definitely Paper Mario The Origami King presents us a lot to do and that is why today we show you where to find Holy Shell Stones

Why find the Holy Shell Stones in Paper Mario The Origami King?

Because these have been stolen from the temple that is relatively close, it is most likely to want to spend some time in Overlook Mountain, because the idea is to get them out of the way that are already in conflict with us, since their function is to block our progress .
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Where to find Holy Shell Stones in Paper Mario The Origami King?

We have a total of 4 shells to get each one varies in terms of ease or difficulty.


  • Concha Verde: this is the simplest and is usually the one that is usually sought first, the ideal is to get it for the lowest price in an auction that is carried out by Mole Monty, since the idea is to get it for 1,000 coins, only that To achieve this, you have to wait some time because the idea is to constantly press B so that the price goes down, since your auction starts with 10,000 gold coins, a very high price.
  • Blue Shell: after the auction it is necessary to go to a fishing place, because here we find a body of water where it is possible to catch several fish, we are looking for the origami fish, so this is a not very complex task, Because this is round and large, catching it is our occupation even if it tried to give us some fight, after he gave up he gave us the shell.
  • Yellow Shell: After leaving the body of water it is necessary to climb the hill where the Thwomps fall, here it is possible that they throw us the Goomba, an enemy, since this occurs after having hit the hedges with our hammer, the The idea is to get the magic circle that will be useful to take off a piece of land that allows us to get this shell.
  • Red Shell: This is the most complex and to get there it is necessary to go to the mountain where we will see that it is being kicked as if it were a ball, the idea is to knock down the reds that kick it, because we will only use the hammer to do it and claim our shell.

 This is all we know about where to find Holy Shell Stones, as it is only necessary to take a short tour and take them for us at Paper Mario The Origami King.

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