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Lidia Rozo
2022-02-17 16:24:37

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Genshin Impact has more bosses for us and that is why we are going to talk to you about How to unlock Raiden Shogun Weekly.

Who is Raiden Shogun Weekly in Genshin Impact?

This is a weekly boss that is part of this game and that makes it necessary to take care of unlocking him, in this sense we must embark on a search through history, so knowing How to unlock Raiden Shogun Weekly takes us to work a bit, this considering that it is this boss who is at the end of the Euthymia Oneírica.

How to unlock Raiden Shogun Weekly in Genshin Impact?

  • It's good to be clear that this is a quest that is usually done in the Act I chapter of Imperatrix Umbrosa: Reflections of Mortality, to boot.
  • You must have completed all Archon Inazuma quests up to Act III.

Once we have carried out the previous activities in Genshin Impact we are allowed to unlock Passing Dreams, this is usually done in the mission menu with a story key.

Now, to know how to unlock Raiden Shogun Weekly, it is necessary to start:

The Transient Dreams Guide: This is a search that usually starts with Katheryne in the adventurers' guild in Inazuma, she has received information about the Rifthound that seem to be around the Grand Sanctuary and is in charge of asking us to eliminate the monsters, we just have to take care of following the search marker in Genshin Impact in order to defeat some hounds.
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We continue to go through this task in Genshin Impact, and we will see that we are asked to follow the blue traces on what the Rifthounds may be doing, in addition to the bright arrow that we can see at the top, in this sense we can use the minimap to follow the traces and this makes a memory of the past appear, but this does not make a major change, once finished we will continue the search because we have a task in mind and that is to know how to unlock the Raiden Shogun Weekly, we are asked to defeat the Rifhthound at Through the use of Ei, we must take into account that this battle is usually executed alone, without exception.

Once this has been achieved we will see that a dialogue will appear with a memory of Furuyama, here is the only thing we will see is that he has left and with, but this does not remain here because a dialogue related to him begins, where Ei will talk about the sister Makoto, in addition to the events that have happened 500 years ago in Khaenri¡ah, once this has happened, we are asked to start another battle in Genshin Impact and in the same way it must be executed alone, here we have an advantage, and it is to be able to take a body to battle, but things are not so simple, this is because while we are fighting we experience some paralysis attacks and counteracting them is usually done, only we must press the jump key to do it, like you will see how to unlock the Raiden Shogun Weekly places us before a series of complex activities, but this does not end here because we are presented with some memories of the past and that is where our group appears to defeat the Rifthounds.

Next, it is necessary to follow a search marker that can take us to the entrance that is under the Great Narukami Shrine, and we can see a Torii gate through which it is possible to enter and by doing so we will have to fight against the Raiden Shogun, here it is only possible to use Ei, we will see that this battle is complex especially because there is no possibility of incorporating anyone into it, we will only use some dishes that allow us to survive the combat in Genshin Impact, once it has finished we will be expelled from the Eutimi, and it is there where it is necessary to go to the Great Narukami Sanctuary because it is the place where we are allowed to talk with Yae Miko, after doing so we return together through the Torii gate so that Yae can help us get closer to Ei.

Next we are shown a fairly short scene related to another solo fight in Genshin Impact, it is there that we finally have the opportunity to face the real Raiden Shogun, Magatsu Mitake Narukami, he is usually found in Musou Shinetsu, this can make the battle can be a little less complex and that in the same way we are allowed to consume survival dishes, this in order to survive and make our attacks a little more powerful, when we finish the battle we are shown a scene and the story quest is over, we will see Ei pronounce the decision to abolish the Skoku Decree, as well as help Inazuma to progress again.

The end of the Oneiric euthymia: Knowing how to unlock the Raiden Shogun Weekly makes us understand that the domain of the Raiden Shogun boss usually occurs from the Great Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact and will drop some resources such as:

  • General Maleficent Talent level-up materials.
  • Tears of the Calamitous God.
  • Meanings of the Aeons.

We are offered the opportunity to claim the rewards once a week, because as you will understand who we have defeated is a weekly boss and in this case we are allowed to receive:

  • 30 original resins per week.
  • 60 original resins when claiming the fourth weekly boss reward and more.

We end this guide on How to unlock the Raiden Shogun Weekly, so that it would only be enough to launch ourselves on a moderately long but satisfactory weekly search in Genshin Impact.

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