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Lidia Rozo
2020-10-06 19:30:34

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Knowing how to solve Cecilia's garden puzzle is a necessary activity that we must do in Genshin Impact.

What is Cecilia's garden in Genshin Impact?

  Our adventure in this game allows us to have the possibility of moving through different places, which leads us to look for How to solve the puzzle in Cecilia's garden, because this is simply a place that needs to be unlocked, here the dungeons are evident and other areas of interest.
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How to unlock Cecilia's garden in Genshin Impact?

 Before knowing how to solve the puzzle of Cecilia's garden it is necessary to consider that we must unlock the garden as such, for this it is necessary to complete the first two missions of the game with the first 3 members of the group in such a way that we are allowed to explore and In the same way, he will carry out some necessary missions to get experience, our job is to progress until we reach the Wolvendom region west of Monsdtadt, which allows us to have the possibility of reaching the statue of the 7 to illuminate the map. allows you to get the icon of the padlock that is to the northwest to be unveiled and thus get to observe Cecilia's garden in Genshin Impact.

How to solve Cecilia's garden puzzle in Genshin Impact?

 Now that we have unlocked the garden it is necessary to concentrate on our objective to answer the puzzle, and this leads us to guide the Seelies back to their altars as long as we have achieved Adventure Rank level 16.


  •  The first requires that we break the stones that cover her altar in order to return.
  • The second requires us to eliminate the enemies that are keeping him cornered.
  • The third requires that we go down to an area that is kept sealed by a wind barrier so that we can proceed to deactivate its respective power source.
  • The fourth requires that we position ourselves northwest of the altars behind a destructible wall, our job is to see a shock crystal in some cracked rocks which indicates that we have achieved it.

 With the Seelies ready and on their altars, we are presented with the possibility of observing the open garden for us, since it is possible to observe it as a dungeon where we can find some materials necessary to promote both characters and weapons, and we can even get the statistics of said Materials can be increased like the enemies since they can be somewhat more complex which leads us to consider being attentive to the fight.

 Definitely, knowing how to solve the puzzle in Cecilia's garden simply leads us to consider the possibility of having a somewhat high Adventure Rank level, as it is necessary to achieve progress in Genshin Impact.

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