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In this guide entry, we are dedicated to explaining to you Where to find sand grease pupa in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, Sand Grease pupae are a local Sumerian delicacy only found in the Hadramavet Desert. Here you will find the 74 Sand Grease dolls from the open world Teyvat, this is part of the most recent update.

Where to find sand grease pupa in Genshin Impact?

Sand Grease pupae can be found in the northern Sumer desert, where the landscape turns into a large spiral with a sandstorm in the center. They appear as gray egg-shaped objects, partially buried in the sand. Having Tignari in your party will mark her location on the minimap and Nahida will be able to collect them from afar using her hold ability.

The eastern pupa cluster is underground, and the cave network can be accessed by teleporting to the Dead City area, entering the Setekh Venut arena, or using the Setekh Venut southern teleport and going south. This tunnel system has many levels, so if you get lost, use the layered map feature. From the underground daisies of Sand Grease, the southernmost group can be reached by teleporting and going south to the cave. 

The group of pupae around the domain is located at the level below the domain; teleport to the domain and fall into the hole in front of him. If you can't see the hole, follow the tunnels until the ground disappears under your feet. You can walk to the remaining dolls from the sands of Seteh Venut. 

Where to buy tar sand pupae in Genshin Impact?

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There are currently no NPCs selling Sand Grease dolls, and they cannot be farmed in teapots. The only way to get these local delicacies is to travel the open world. 

How to use Sand Grease Pupa in Genshin Impact?

Sand Grease dolls are used to promote certain characters. In version 4.7, only two characters used Sand Grease Chrysalis during their ascension. These characters are Alhaisam and Dehya. You will need a total of 168 Sand Grease Pupae to fully upgrade your character. Since local delicacies respawn within 48 hours and there are only 74 pupae in the world, you will need to clear your world more than twice in six days. If you're in a hurry, you can ask a friend or even a kind stranger to see if you can introduce a Sand Grease doll to his or her world.

Now that you know everything about Where to find sand fat pupa, you can embark on your search and put it to the respective use in Genshin Impact.

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