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This time we have a guide with the purpose of telling you How to play Alhaitham in Genshin Impact in detail.

Alhaitham is a good Dendro DPS player, but the game can get quite technical. Whether you're exploring it for the first time or looking to up your game, most of Alhaitham's damage comes from the light mirrors chiseled from it. He can have up to three mirrors at a time, visible as green leaf-shaped objects floating above his shoulders. If he already has three mirrors, purchasing another one will extend the life of the existing mirrors. Although Alhaitham has mirrors, normal, running and diving attacks will damage Dendro, and the mirrors themselves will cause additional damage depending on their number, in this guide you have some tips to get the correct handling of this character

How to play Alhaitham in Genshin Impact?

Alhaitham can obtain the mirror by using his abilities, burst attacks and charged attacks/diving attacks. You can have up to three mirrors and each mirror lasts four seconds before disappearing. He can create his own rotation based on the number of mirrors below or scroll down to see my suggested combinations. Using Alhaitham's ability will immediately grant you two mirrors if you don't already have them. If you already have a mirror, his ability will only give you an additional mirror.

Alhaitham Blast deals damage and creates mirrors depending on how many you already have. Without them, you'll get three mirrors at the end of the explosion animation. Any mirrors you have when using his Burst will be consumed and subtracted from the three you get at the end of his animation. Using a dash or dive attack will create a mirror, but this can only happen once every 12 seconds. This cooldown is split between charged attacks and diving attacks, so using both types of attacks consecutively will only give you a mirror.

Alhaitham's best combination on the field

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Start by rotating your support team and hone your skills before Alhaisam takes the field. Then switch to Alhaitham and use Burst, then Skill. Use five normal attacks, then a charged attack, then five more normal attacks. The instant ability after using Explosion ensures that Dendro will immediately integrate into Alhaitham's basic attacks. Because his Blast animation is so long, you won't be able to see his Blast mirror for a few seconds. His normal point-to-point charge attack is intended to extend the life of his mirror.

The shortest combination

This combo is harder to perform, but requires less time on the battlefield and deals more burst damage. Customize your companion's abilities and then continue with Alhaitham. Maintain Alhaitham's ability and shoot in the air above the enemy. Release to activate your ability and launch yourself into the air. Use your dive attack to launch yourself towards the enemy. Use four regular attacks and then finish with an explosion. This combination works best for teams that encourage more character sharing rather than spending more time on the field. Additionally, the Jump Skill combo gives Alhaitham three mirrors without needing to use Burst, making it more reliable in situations where Alhaitham doesn't have enough mana to continuously use Burst.

This is everything we need to consider about Alhaitham and the correct form management of it, which will allow us to have better game performance as we continue to progress in Genshin Impact.

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