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2024-06-04 10:09:29

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Today we bring you a guide on Where to find Trishiraite in Genshin Impact with precise details.

The northernmost deserts of Sumeru have trishiraita, a rare local species. Whether you're farming for Sethos or just adding to your gem collection, here are all the Trishiraite locations in Genshin Impact.

Where to find Trishiraite in Genshin Impact?

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Trishiraita is only found in Gavireh Lajavard and the Kingdom of Farakhkert, which are at the northern edge of the Sumeru Desert. Looking for groups of red crystals on the ground. If Tighnari is in your party, he will highlight his locations on your minimap. Make sure you bring Zhongli or someone who uses Claymore, as you will need to smash the crystals hard to get them. The interactive map below shows all 57 locations in Trishiraite, with roads marked as agricultural routes. Sometimes these farm roads are hidden. Advance the Khvarena Regional World Quest of Good and Evil if you are missing a teleporter or unable to access an area. At this time, there are no NPCs who can sell Trishiraita. The 57 nodes in the open world are the only Trishiraite that can be collected.

Instructions for the use of Trishiraita

Trishiraite is used to promote some Sumeru characters because it is a local Sumeru specialty. Only Sethos uses Trishiraite as an Ascension material since Version 4.7. To reach maximum Ascension, each character uses 168 Trishiraite. 48 hours after collecting them, local specialties appear again, and there are only 57 Trishiraite locations, meaning you must complete the farming route three times to fully promote a character.

Finally, now that we have covered what it takes to find Trishiraita, we just have to do it to continue progressing with an important element in this fast-paced and interesting game.

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