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 Discover effective strategies on How to increase the number of artefact slots in Gangs of Sherwood and enhance your gameplay.

In Gangs of Sherwood, managing your artefacts is crucial for success. These powerful items can significantly enhance your character's abilities and help you overcome challenges in the game. However, the number of artefact slots available to your character is initially limited. In this guide, we will show you how to increase the number of artefact slots, allowing you to equip more artefacts and optimize your gameplay experience.

How to Increase the Number of Artefact Slots in Gangs of Sherwood

 Reaching the Fifth Rank

To unlock additional artefact slots, you must first reach the fifth rank for your character. This may feel challenging at first, but with determination and the right strategies, you can achieve this milestone. The game offers various missions and side quests that provide experience points for leveling up. Focus on completing these tasks and gaining experience to progress through the ranks.

 Purchasing a New Slot

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Once you've reached the fifth rank, you can unlock a new artefact slot by visiting Antonna Carridge, the combat trainer in Gangs of Sherwood. Antonna Carridge offers this valuable upgrade for approximately 8000 coins. Saving up your in-game currency is essential to ensure you can afford this purchase. Keep an eye on your coin balance and make sure to visit Antonna Carridge when you're ready to expand your artefact collection.

Unlocking Three More Slots

While purchasing the first additional slot is a significant step, it's not the end. As you continue playing and progressing through the game, you'll have the opportunity to unlock three more artefact slots. Each rank advancement brings its own rewards, and unlocking additional slots is one of them. Embrace the journey and allow your character to grow stronger with each new rank obtained.

 Choosing Your Artefacts Wisely

Once you've unlocked the desired number of artefact slots, it's important to make wise choices when selecting the artefacts to equip. Keep in mind that once an artefact is placed in a slot, it cannot be swapped. Therefore, thorough consideration of your play style, preferred strategy, and character strengths is crucial. Take some time to evaluate which artefacts align best with your gameplay approach and which ones will provide the most benefits in combat situations or exploration endeavors.

Consider the following factors when choosing your artefacts

  • Passive Effects: Some artefacts provide passive effects, such as increased health regeneration, enhanced critical hit chance, or improved defense. Evaluate your character's weaknesses and choose artefacts that compensate for those vulnerabilities.
  •  Active Abilities: Other artefacts offer active abilities that can be triggered during combat or specific situations. These abilities can vary widely, from powerful damage-dealing attacks to defensive maneuvers or crowd control effects. Consider how these abilities synergize with your character's skills and play style.
  • Set Bonuses: In Gangs of Sherwood, certain artefacts belong to sets, and equipping multiple artefacts from the same set can unlock additional bonuses. These set bonuses can provide considerable advantages, such as increased damage or improved resistances. Explore the possibilities and experiment with different set combinations to find the ones that best complement your character's abilities.

Increasing the number of artefact slots in Gangs of Sherwood is an essential step towards optimizing your gameplay experience. By reaching the fifth rank for your character and purchasing additional slots from Antonna Carridge using around 8000 coins, you can expand your artefact collection and equip more powerful items. As you progress further and unlock more ranks, three additional slots will become available, offering even more customization options.

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