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Discover the secret of locating How to Find Scornach Chasm Crows in Gangs of Sherwood.

Welcome to our friendly guide on how to find the Scornach Chasm Crows in Gangs of Sherwood. In this sidequest, we will outline the three stages of the game where you can locate these elusive crows. So grab your ranged weapon and let's get started!

Gangs of Sherwood is an action-adventure game set in the mystical world of Sherwood Forest. As a skilled archer, you are tasked with taking down the notorious gangsters who have taken control of the forest. Along the way, you will encounter various sidequests that add depth and excitement to the gameplay. One such sidequest involves finding and eliminating the Scornach Chasm Crows.

How to Find Scornach Chasm Crows in Gangs of Sherwood

Stage 1: Act 2, Mission 1

After starting Act 2, Mission 1, you'll be able to find the first Crow. As you progress through the mission, keep an eye out for the crow perched on a tree branch. It is essential to use a ranged attack as quickly as possible before it disappears. The crow is known for its agility and speed, so make sure your aim is true.

Stage 2: Toxic River and Second Checkpoint

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To continue your crow-hunting adventure, head across the toxic river and follow along the waterbank until you reach the second checkpoint. This stage presents a bit more of a challenge as you navigate through hazardous terrain. However, the reward is worth the effort. Co-op game players will encounter a Crow right in front of them as soon as they exit the elevator. Be prepared for a swift and intense battle as the crow swoops down to attack. Use your ranged weapon to eliminate the crow before it can do any damage.

Stage 3: Perched Atop the Zipline

The third Crow awaits you initially perched atop the zipline. This stage requires a combination of precision and agility. As you approach the zipline, the crow will take flight, making it harder to hit. To defeat it, utilize a ranged attack to reveal a grapple point on the platform. Grapple onto it and eliminate the crow. This stage showcases the game's mechanics, as you need to use both your archery skills and environmental interactions to succeed.

Note: No Need to Complete Mission 2

You don't have to complete Mission 2 to receive credit for killing the Scornach Chasm Crows. After dispatching the third Crow, you can return to Philip at Major Oak to report your success. This allows you to focus solely on the sidequest without getting too caught up in the main storyline.

With this friendly guide, you now know how to locate and eliminate those pesky Scornach Chasm Crows in Gangs of Sherwood. The sidequest adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the game, allowing you to showcase your crow analysis skills. Remember to use your ranged weapon effectively, be quick on your feet, and utilize environmental interactions to your advantage. Happy gaming!

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