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It is well known that Microsoft has had a slow process in terms of the creations of its controllers, to the point that Sony Interactive Entertainment practically took for itself the model of transparent controllers, long before its opponent. However, it is notorious that Microsoft wanted to get them out of their "comfort zone" and compete with them, introducing the black controller of "light" transparency or partial gradient (not in its entirety). The controller to which we make such reference is the well-known "Xbox One Phantom Black", which had great reception by fans. This, unlike the transparent controllers existing in the market, which can be seen all the components for operation, instead has a "slight degradation" that allows you to see its components, they are not fully exposed , which gives it its "touch".

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At the moment, everything indicates that the plans of Microsoft for the designs of their controllers seem to be maintained in the transparent models. The confirmation of this is because there have been leaks by Amazon Mexico to the new controller for Xbox One, which they have called "Xbox One Phantom White".

The mentioned controller Xbox One Phantom White, apparently, will be quite successful, because although it has not been released yet, it has already stolen the hearts of the fans. And it is no wonder that such an effect has been triggered, the controller Xbox One Phantom White has a very elegant presentation in sight. However, in addition to such a presentation, it will also bring with it a certain "added value" that makes it want it even more. Among such speciations are:

- Textured grip, to ensure greater comfort.
- Assignment of custom buttons
- 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack
- Bluetooth technology.
- Compatibility with Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One and Windows 10.

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Despite the great elegance and functionality of this new controller Xbox One Phantom White, many consider that it has a great point against and is the fact that the generation of the Xbox One is "dying", so it is believed that the use which will be given to this controller, will not be much. On the other hand, there is an exit for such problem and is that the next generation of Xbox consoles have the same controller or, even having a new controller, also have compatibility with these Xbox One drivers. The latter can be considered as very likely, since it would be a very good marketing strategy, since when new generations of Xbox consoles, having their own controllers, would satisfy the need for fans to also acquire these latest smart controllers for use in these new consoles.

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