2019-01-26 22:18:18 > > games free for PS4, Xbox One or Android that you can download.

The games available for PS4 and Xbox One consoles or Android phones are free, the offer is for a short time and you can enjoy different genres

They were chosen precisely by those who know them best, such as the players, no doubt an excellent list that can serve many others to find their favorite games.
Here we have the popular battle royale based on the universe Paladins, Realm Royale, MOBA, Switchblade, on the consoles and for the Android phones we have Mental Hospital IV, Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019, Freebloks VIP, Stereobreak, Little Stars 2.0 - Strategy Game space you can do the game free download.

The best video games of the week that you can "download free games"

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    Console games (PS4 or Xbox One)

    Sound Slide

    It is a game of agility where you will find puzzles and car racing games, you face musical challenges with different environments and a slide of the song.


    They are fun games of moba starring vehicles the game is completely free on PC and PS4 in order to capture a greater number of fans, in this game free battles are played 5 vs 5 aboard all kinds of vehicles that you can imagine, another moba strategy is weapons and other tactical advantages.

    Realm Royale

    It is a game set in the fantasy universe of another of its best known titles, Paladins, this action video game free is multiplayer that allows you to choose 5 classes of characters that can help you survive the battles that occur in each world.

    Shot Online

    It is a game of golf in line, being a sport simulation experience where the skill in the field is what counts to be the star of golf you must have the practice and experience in each level to play golf online .

    Android Games

    Mental Hospital IV

    It is a game that takes us to a psychiatric hospital where there will be moving characters and as expected you will have your terror scenes where you least expect it, we wait for you in the hospital games

    Amazing Taxi Simulator V2 2019

    It is a taxi simulator game that recreates the streets of a big city where you will find a cross road, we can drive from different perspectives, both in third person and from the 3d taxi simulator.

    Freebloks VIP

    It is a game that offers you the mechanics of the classic blokus game Tetris but the difference is that it is a blokus board game we return to the usual classic that undoubtedly has its grace, and more when it's free.


    One of the funniest of this week. It is a Games of shots of lateral development, that offers us a simple but addictive way of playing, the main character moves between five platforms, from which he must finish with all the enemies, also the endings, with an extensive arsenal and special moves.

    Little Stars 2.0 - Space strategy game

    A strategy game of space theme that offers an interesting proposal. In this game we must navigate through neutral systems and conquer enemy systems. Therefore we get into a bloody interstellar struggle, where each planet is a potential weapon against our enemies.