2019-03-13 13:59:08 > > Microsoft's Xbox Halo games are coming to the PC

Everything indicates that soon we will be able to have the Halo of the Xbox, but now in PC.

A lot of time passed, many were the users who asked for this, we are talking about Halo on PC.

Microsoft recently announced that the well-known series of sci-fi video games will be launched through Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which in turn released several original titles of the series for Xbox in 2014.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection PC Announcement

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    Microsoft has not yet said when it will be the arrival of Halo to PC, but what it did say is that it will be available in its Microsoft store and Valve's Steam.

    What we know about the release dates of Halo for PC will be announced through the official Halo website, Halo Waypoint.

    They also said that: "The most important and critical element of this project is to ensure that Halo: The Master Chief Collection offers a true" first class "experience.

    They are expected to make the releases in sequences that will go from Halo: Reach, shooting video game which premiered on September 14, 2010. Subsequently the following releases will have a chronological order that will go from Halo: Combat Evolved 2001 to Halo 4 of 2012, but each video game will also be sold individually in addition to the Master Chief Collection package.

    Microsoft said: "The team is passionately committed to ensuring that all the features, ringtones and whistles expected in a modern PC title are included."

    The new series of Halo will not have the address of Rupert Wyatt

    Some will ask why pass a series already known and played from one platform to another. Well, this is what is looking to strengthen the series and re-hook users for the time of the arrival of Halo: Infinite the next title in the series that will be released in the same way for Xbox One and PC.

    And although the latter was the subject of ridicule in June of last year, the Halo videogame series continues to be one of the strongest, managing to sell more than 65 million copies to date, giving a total of more than 2,654 millions of euros in sales.