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The launch of PlayStation 5 is full of unknowns, Sony has not yet made a statement about it, however there are already movements in the industry that are beginning to be drawn as an increasingly real option, leaving us clues as to what the technical characteristics and first PS5 games.

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Some information regarding the new console is already here and with that we can build PlayStation 5. So prepare yourself because these are all the data we know about PlayStation 5.

Official Trailer 2019

This next video game console is as surrounded by silence as one would expect from a generational change by Sony. However, that has not prevented information leaking, some rumors and even some things that we already know with total certainty around the Next-Gen of the Japanese company. Elements of very diverse origin that we gather to build a kind of sketch with which we can have ideas about a hardware, which possibly, there is still enough time to enjoy it.

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    These are some of the questions we ask ourselves regarding the console.

    1. The date on which the PlayStation 5 will go on sale.
    2. How will your specifications be?
    3. What new features will your command bring?
    4. Will it have support for backward compatibility?

    The news of recent times has left us information about it, also about more things related to a new generation that seems more stimulating than ever.

    Next we will respond to all the unknowns previously presented.

    PS5 Release date

    We try to respond with what we know, however, the exact date of when it will go on sale always has an added difficulty, since companies are totally opaque with deadlines. In recent times the rumors have been clearly divided in 2019 or 2020. People as influential and important as Yves Guillemot, president of Ubisoft, have opted for a PlayStation 5 for 2019 a couple of years ago, although little by little these predictions have been diluting in time, which leaves a firm bet for the year 2020 for its launch. Presumably with a presentation in society of the machine in the first quarter of next year and announcement of price, which some estimate below $500 for the new console that would reach stores by the end of the year. It is the most plausible plan for the moment.

    Release date PS5 2019 when will ps5 come out?

    There is no exact date for the release for the new Playstation console, but it seems very unlikely that release date PS5 2019, all the experts point out is that it will be released in 2020, for sure we can assure you that no one knows when the time comes. Sony's new console and whoever says it is lying to you.

    We can only comment on the latest PS5 rumors, until now very little official PlayStation 5 information has been published to date, but little by little new information about the next Sony gaming console begins to appear on the scene. The only truth is that there is no release date for the Playstation 5, it is a very well kept secret within Sony

    "At this point, what I can say is that it is necessary to have a next-generation hardware," said Kenichiro Yoshida, head of Sony, in an interview with the Financial Times in early October. According to Michael Pachter, the release date of PS5 could be as early as 2020, however, Ace Securities suggests that a release date for PS5 is still possible in 2019 but the reality is that there are still problems with the manufacturing and it is very little This is likely for 2019, so its delay for 2020 is more than obvious. 2019 is a little early for Sony to launch the next PlayStation. The strong position that it currently has in the market, with 2020 makes much more sense. If Sony is still at the top in 2019, maybe we'll have to wait until 2021.

    The most likely release date for the PS5 is for the fourth quarter of 2020, since it is Sony's favorite date for all its releases, except for the original PlayStation in North America and Europe, where it arrived in September 1995, then of its launch in Japan in December 1994, so experts agree that if it is in 2019 or in 2020 it should occur in the last quarter of the corresponding year. Being November 2020 the most likely date.

    Is 2019 the release date of PS5?

    Talk suggests that the console would be ready to be released in 2019, but it will depend a lot on the health of the PS4 its market position and the profits generated by its current console, and of course the profits of its direct competition Nintendo and Microsoft . In this sense 2019 seems an unlikely date given its great position in the market.

    Will 2020 be the release date of PS5?

    Sony could surprise everyone and launch the playstation 5 before, because as mentioned Sony and would have it ready for 2019, but everything indicates that the smartest investment should be for 2020, and as we mentioned the favorite date of Sony It's in the autumn.

    However, the great expectation that exists in the community of players, the spring of 2020 is positioned as one of the strongest rumors for its release. Sony's non-filing at E3 2019 also leads to speculation that Sony has nothing to announce simply because it wants to save its disclosures for the PS5 revealed event at a later time in 2019.

    Sales of the PS4 are slowing

    There are other versions that suggest that the sales of the PS4 are slowing down and this can impel the executives to advance the date of premiere of the new console, in 2018 PS4 under their prices and offered more aggressive packages along with the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 one of the most popular PS4 games, with the aim of increasing sales.

    PS5 Rumors: development kits sent to developers

    A tweet from video game maker Marcus Sellars suggested that the PS5 development kits were sent to third-party developers early in 2018. If this rumor is true, the launch of the new console is even closer for this 2019. It is possible that Sony is keeping a strict watch on all things of the PS5, but we would have expected to see some credible leaks if the PS5 was released in 2019.

    If I start from the theory that a 2020 release, it is likely that the rematch wait for E3 2019, Sony would copy the strategy of Xbox One X / Scorpio Microsoft, making fun of the PS5 in E3 2019. The CEO of SIE, John Kodera, it seems that the PS5 is three years after its launch.

    PS5 Games What will be the PS5 games?

    The most recent games for ps4 have brought us something great that we thank the players, the ability to increase the experience Open world is undoubtedly something we appreciate very much, without any doubt this will be the trend of the so-called the next generation games.

    Open World games and free-to-play multiplayer experiences driven by microtransactions that never fade should never be the trend of next-generation games, that's what The Elder Scrolls 6 already promised us

    The power of the AMD Ryzen processors and Navi GPUs and the increase in RAM will allow these open worlds to have an absolutely massive scale and eliminate the need for load screens. this would undoubtedly be great, just imagine that all your games have an open world as big as Witcher 3 with the visual effects of God of War.

    PS5 games: what games could be released for the new console?

    If we think about what games are still at least a year of being released, both Death Stranding and The Last of Us: Part 2 come to mind. Theoretically, these games are for PS4, but there are those who think that the reality covered is that these games will be for the new console.

    In the case of Death Stranding, he is taking all his time for his next game, Kojima is responsible for keeping us updated on the progress of his game via Twitter, so it seems that his release is far away, something similar happens with The Last of Us: Part 2, most likely both games contemplate versions for PS4 but with its version for its evolution.

    Another game for ps5 may be a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn is not only a fact at this time, but could also be launched around 2020, other candidates may be FIFA 21, a new Call of Duty, a new Dice shooter, Destiny, Middle-Earth: Shadow of The war and the assassin's creed, Gran Turismo, the director of the series, Kazunori Yamauchi, has said that he is already thinking about the game that follows GT Sport. What remains of that game remains to be seen, but there is certainly the possibility that we see Gran Turismo 7 on the PS5, The remake of Final Fantasy VII for PS5 with improvements in the PS4 game

    Starfield may be the first Game for playstation 5

    During the E3 2018, Todd Howard announced Starfield, a new RPG game, which has no release date yet but his host called it a "next generation" game. Many of the experts in the area rumored about the possibility that he has been talking about the new Sony and Microsoft consoles, so it seems that Starfield could be the first PS5 game announced.

    Kodera has already introduced the possibility of a transition period from PS4 to PS5, with PS5 launching sometime in the next three years. If we take into account that Sony only showed the exclusive PS4 announced earlier during its presentation of E3 2018, it seems that Sony is slowing the development of its game for PS4 and is more focused on the PS5.

    Starfield is a game that we have been thinking about and have been working on for years, we believe we are in a unique position to take it forward and we are extremely excited about it.

    Death Stranding by Kojima Productions

    Death Stranding developed by Kojima Productions is a new and mysterious action adventure by Hideo Kojima and starring actor Norman Reedus. dreamlike universe full of mysteries, threats and symbolism as the presence of dead aquatic animals in a sinister scenario, babies tucked into survival capsules, a material similar to the crude that seems to swallow everything in its path, figures that unleash a power superior to everything known.

    The Last of Us Part 2

    The Last of Us Part 2 is a sequel to The Last of Us that was released for PS3 in 2013, this second part will have elements of action-adventure and horror of survival, we will not miss the elements that we liked so much in the first game, Ellie and Joel will return five years after the events of The Last of Us.

    This game began to develop one year after the release of its first part, motivated by the immense success it had from the time of its release, the PlayStation blog has already rewarded the game with the "Most Expected Game of the Year" award, and The title has also been awarded the "Most Wanted" award by the Golden Joysticks. The game was announced at the PlayStation Experience event in December 2016.

    The Elders Scrolls 6 a game for the next generation of consoles

    The Elders Scrolls 6 has no release date and still has some years of development the project seems gigantic, the most optimistic estimates of Bethesda placed it in 2020, Matt Firor who is also director of The Elder Scrolls Online, commented that the sheet The first step is to launch Starfield and then The Elder Scrolls 6. to realize that there is still much left for the successor of Skyrim, who already has a chosen region.

    Pete Hines, vice president of marketing at Bethesda, who said that we will take a long time to learn new information from both The Elder Scrolls VI

    PS5 Price - What is the price of ps5?

    In this field we can only talk about assumptions since nobody can guarantee the real answer, but to have a possible price of the PlayStation 5, you would have to look at the latest releases of the playstation console. The PS4 was launched for the first time at a price of $399 in the year of 2014, then the PS4 Slim was launched, the launch cost was $ 299 in 2016 as you can see cost $ 100 less in relation to the first release, then came the PS4 Pro that had a launch price of $ 399, before the PS4 the PS3 had a much higher cost of $ 499 than the 20GB $ 599 the 60GB, these costs did not make it very competitive at the time.

    Based on previous releases the price of the new console should have an approximate launch price should be $399 since according to the story a higher price would not be a good sales strategy

    ps5 specs and features more powerful than Xbox One X 

    Nobody at this height doubt that Sony will overcome the Microsoft console, the Xbox One X has a power of 6 teraflops, but if we take into account that its approximate launch date is 1 or 2 years By the end of 2020, 8-10TF should be easily feasible for that price point of $ 399.

    PS5 AMD Ryzen for more power in the graphics

    The PlayStation 5 will include a more capable CPU than the Xbox One X, with more serial memory this should equal higher frame rates for better quality texture. Digital Foundry published a report that spoke of the incredible potential of the PS5. the processor will be from AMD CPU Ryzen. To overcome the Jaguar CPU of the PS4 so criticized for its power, the Jaguar CPU is so poor that it prevents them from running at 60fps. Ryzen is a big step forward and there is certainly enough noise to suggest that it will probably be the CPU on the PS5, albeit with some modifications requested by Sony.

    The information of the first technical details of PS5 came from an authoritative source, which had already advanced the PS4 characteristics successfully in the past, thus giving it an important degree of validity. What is fully confirmed by the manufacturer, is that AMD works on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, that is, the possibility that NAVI is the architecture that enhances this mysterious console is more than likely.

    PS5 AMD Ryzen: 8-core  CPU, Navi GPU, 4K 60FPS

    PS5 AMD Ryzen is the alliance of Sony for the construction of next-generation Navi GPU architecture for the new Sony PS5 AMD Ryzen, the latest revelations speak of an 8C / 16T processor based on Ryzen CPUs. According to RuthenticCookie in Reddit is able to process 4K / 60fps, Sony expects that by the time of its launch the 4k technology is more established and becomes the average standard of resolution for games, that is why it is betting on the 4k to 60fps as a minimum requirement and hope that the life of the PS5 lasts from 5 to 7 years, for that they hope that their alliance PS5 AMD Ryzen helps to maintain that goal in support of high quality graphics. The games that hope to exploit the PS5 AMD Ryzen technology are: Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II and Ghost of Tsushima, among other launches already commented, but the alliance PS5 AMD Ryzen must also support the demands of PlayStation VR 2 that will be launched with a built-in camera and virtual reality gloves

    How could the PlayStation 5 command be?

    In the past there have already been controls with touch devices and even screens, an example that we can mention would be the PlayStation 4's own DualShock 4, while between the screens we could talk about the classic Dreamcast pad that had a small screen on top . If we pay attention to a patent registry that was discovered a few months ago, for PS5 it would be a screen in the lower part of the DualShock 5 that would be able to show images with different uses and also, simultaneously, its tactile use. Taking a step further commands such as the SCUF Vantage and its functionalities. However, it should be noted that information related to trademark indices must be taken with great caution. On the one hand, it is clear that they are of an official nature, since it is the manufacturer that carries them out; but on the other hand we must also make it clear that not 100% of them come to fruition. Many times they are limited to being maneuvers of large companies to cover their backs to ideas that think or even come to prototype, but not always end up becoming something tangible. The only certainty is that finding a screen would be a fairly logical evolution of what was seen on the PS4 controller.

    Sony will not follow in the footsteps of Nintendo Switch

    Nintendo has had great success with its portable handheld console, and that according to rumors has aroused a lot of Sony interest and there is a first step on that route with its PS4 Remote Play, however, it seems unlikely that playstation 5, follow their steps since the great strength of the console in its history has always been its power, to invest in a handheld console would have to maintain the power of a console.

    Ps5 and xbox two

    In the E3 2018 Microsoft announced that it is working on the launch of its next console the Xbox Two. before the announcement of Microsoft for his new Xbox Two and Sony of his PlayStation 5 the questions that users ask themselves go from How will they look? What kind of hardware are you going to pack? What kind of games will be possible with this hardware? Will Sony or Microsoft have the advantage?

    Evident as we have already commented and the same applies to the Xbox Two the answer is the same only we fall into filtered data and assumptions of the Ps5 and Xbox Two. since both the companies give us the information to account drops of their Ps5 and xbox two, to have a possible idea of ​​what these 2 giants bring us, let's base them on the story.

    What do we know about Ps5 and xbox two; Phil Spencer declared at the Microsoft E3 2018 event that they are already working on their new console and that their code name is Scarlett, which is why some console fans call it Xbox Scarlett, from its launch date everything points to the same as the PlayStation 5 what will be between 2020 and 2021, so the strategy of Microsoft based on the story is that the release of Xbox two or Xbox Scarlett is very close to the launch of the PlayStation 5, to give competition to the Sony console and can recover ground from its competitor.

    Virtual reality must be the bet in which Ps5 and xbox two base their strategy and competition for the so-called Next Generation games, although Microsoft does not talk about VR in its new console, it is obvious that it will not be behind Sony and The new Xbox two or Scarlett is ready for VR games.

    By 2020 or 2021 4K technology should be more accurate so Ps5 and xbox two must have native 4K support, since 4K is already present in Xbox One X. If they incorporate AMD Navi technology (which we have not yet seen in the PC space) and Ryzen's CPU technology on top of that, and the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two might be accumulating some heat.

    Seeing the consoles of the past of Playstation the PS3 was endowed with a cellular processor, the PS4 could not be compatible with previous versions. However, Xbox One managed to be compatible with previous versions through emulation. This does not seem to be the case with the Ps5 and xbox two and they must be compatible with previous versions.

    The specifications for the Xbox Two and Playstation 5

    At the time both Sony and Microsoft on their PS3 consoles and the Xbox 360, eliminated all the components of their proprietary hardware and inclined to include essentially the PC hardware on the PS4 and the Xbox One, because of the success that this has Meaning this approach should be maintained for the Playstation 5 and Xbox two.

    Both consoles work closely with AMD to get the best graphics performance from their games, advancing the AMD Jaguar CPU. The next generation could be using a low-power Ryzen chip and upcoming Navi 7-nm chips. Navi Chips that are manufactured using a 7 nm process that improves the native 4K.

    In the memory section, currently the PS4 uses a memory of 8Gb with GDDR5 of greater bandwidth and the Xbox One is one step below in this regard with a DDR3. What translates into an obvious superiority of the PS4 compared to the Xbox One, Microsoft corrected its error with the release of the Xbox One X that was equipped with 12 GB of GDDR5 and destroy the PS4 Pro in terms of power.

    Based on this Microsoft should not make the same mistake and should be launched with the same endowment, we could see the following consoles with 12 GB of RAM, opting for the "next generation" GDDR6 RAM. But they could also bet on increasing RAM up to 16Gb and using DDR4 for more stable and secure processing. We know that if the PS5 and Xbox Two are going to use native 4K, then 8GB of RAM will simply not cut it - the 4K textures will consume a ton of VRAM.

    Obviously the games in 4K require a large amount of storage space, this makes it difficult for them to bet on innovating with SSD hard drives, since the costs of these discs are still very high and would shoot up the cost of the console, so that their Base hard disk should not be less than 1 TB with higher versions of 4 or 8 TB, since there are currently 100Gb games

    PS5 Backward compatibility - Will ps4 games work on ps5?

    The current generation has been one in which the backward compatibility has shone by its absence in the Sony console. They have limited themselves to providing it through PS Now and the remastering and remakes, a very poor balance. In this sense, some analysts have positioned themselves, who estimate that PS5 will be retrocompatible because it will already work with a certain continuity between the hardware of this new machine and the previous model, in addition there has been more than one record of backward compatibility for PS5. in the patent offices. The PS4 uses an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) that is based on the x86-64 architecture. If Sony uses this architecture on the PS5 (which is likely), there is a good chance that the machine offers backwards compatibility with the PS4.

    It is expected that the PS5 will repeat or even exceed the excellent sales figures of a PS4 that is already close to really round numbers in this regard and of course re-consolidating an equally powerful exclusive software catalog.

    PS5 Controller the first touch-based - DualShock 5

    The PS5 DualShock 5 controller, which will probably be released sooner than you think even for PS4. This controller wants to emulate the Sega Dreamcast with a screen inside, this idea that has already been raised for some time at Sony and thought to add it to the DualShock 4 to give useful information such as health, ammunition and even mini-games, although I do not thrive on At the time, instead of the DualShock 4, Sony introduced the touch panel for PS4 and its natural evolution should be a touch screen so that developers can incorporate information that does not occupy space on the screen.

    This idea is not new because Wii U already tried. Some games put their inventory and map on the controller's touch screen, which allows the TV screen to be free of clutter. This is the way Sony believes that the DualShock 5 evolves as a controller. The touch screen will become a touch screen.

    DualShock 5 will be the first touch-based PlayStation controller

    DualShock 5 can not have any buttons; rather, it could have touch buttons similar to a gamepad design that you can find in an iOS game. However, when you press a button on the DualShock 5, it will simulate the feedback that players feel each time they press a button on a traditional controller.

    The DualShock 5 will maintain the classic shape of the DualShock line, but the area in which the controls will be a single screen. The controller screen automatically displays the current, traditional DualShock 5 design when your PS5 is on

    PS4 vs PS5 what are the differences?

    The successes of that time are seen in the design of the PS4, and based on that evolution the errors of the ps3 were eliminated in the ps4, based on this Sony has always measured very well the mistakes made based on their previous consoles , as an example of how Sony knows how to correct its errors is the launch price of the PS4, the launch price of the PS3 was $599, that safe price influenced their sales because it was very high, when they launched playstation 4 the launch price was $399 and that translated into a resounding success that even today makes playstation 4 enjoy long life.

    On the other hand the structure of the PS3 was very complicated to understand that was corrected in playstation 4 for which the developers were in many trouble, although the PS3 had very good titles an example of that were for example: Uncharted, God of War and Killzone. But the truth is not all games for PS3 could be compared to the quality of these games.

    Sony based on these problems took notes of the matter and for the PS4 chose a very traditional and easy to develop system architecture that more closely imitated the style of the PC, this resulted in spectacular and high quality games.

    As he learned from his mistakes Sony learned from his successes, one of them was his lack of regional coding and the fact that the games were easy to buy and sell. This was one of the big mistakes of the Xbox One that does not allow to play used games, In this sense Playstation 4 was a flexible machine and allows used games and does not require an Internet connection.

    Having seen the history and evolution of the PS3 and PS4, we can predict that they will not do and that if, as we mentioned above the launch price we do not believe that it exceeds $399 to guarantee its success.

    The success that still has PS4 since it exceeds 5 years and its sales have not decreased in addition to accumulating a strong legion of followers makes its next console become a total success, so it must produce mass to satisfy the demand, this will help in the goal of keeping costs low for a reasonable price for the public.

    Another factor that we see that is growing is the growth of digital sales over physical disks, this makes the game more economical by simple logic of production and distribution, if we add that the trend is games in 4K to be able to store games so great the best is the sale by download since a blue-ray can only store 128GB. In order to play a game on Playstation 4, even if we have a physical disk, we must install it on the disk, so it does not make sense to have to buy the physical discs, which will also occupy space on our hard drive.

    However, not all are won over to the idea of ​​digital purchases, and the great principle of this resistance is due to the time it takes to download the game and the installation, a much faster effect when we talk about a physical disk, to persist that there is always to wait for its update, but it is also well known that Sony already weigh in that problem and you can play while the game is still downloading.

    The PS5 will be launched at the time of Light Peak technology, which promises download speeds of up to ten gigabytes per second. So expecting will not be a problem. When the PS5 is released, the discs will be a thing of the past.

    The marketing strategy of Sony has always been the most successful based on its competence to occupy the privileged place it occupies today, one hundred dollars less than the competition will pay. This was a great advantage for the PS4, and Sony would be prudent to continue the trend towards the PS5.

    If we take into account that the future is digital sales, the issue of storage space will undoubtedly be another factor that Sony must take into account, the PS4 at the time of its release came out with a 500GB hard drive, this size for the PS4 is good for the PS5 will not be enough, so we think that at least the PS5 will be released with a 1TB hard drive.

    Microsoft has been innovating with games in the cloud, Sony may be following this strategy closely as it could help reduce costs, there is an experiment with the Gaikai service on PS4, this will prevent us from having to download or store in our console. However, it is a change that may not be so well received by the final consumer, because you lose the sense of ownership of the user.

    By the time the PS5 comes out, there will be much more reliable Internet options available to the public.

    Today all game consoles have a similar appearance, with similar connections, however, this may change in the future with wireless technology, so we will no longer have to use cables, virtual and augmented reality returns to be hugely popular, because with the PS4 we have already used it in the Playroom game of the PS4 camera. The Oculus Rift is also a pioneer in a new era of virtual screens mounted on the head.

    With the PS4 we can see augmented reality with the camera. The PS5 will take this to another level, Project Morpheus is a fully functional virtual reality headset that will be launched on the PS4 and that will use the PlayStation camera to track the movements of your head, we have already seen a demonstration at E3 2015. Sony also is working on an augmented reality headset called SmartEyeglass that shows menus, information and holograms about his normal view.

    It might be possible for the PS5 to use VR when it's at home and AR when it's on the move, I do not think PS5 will leave the controller altogether, but it will be very similar to DualShock 4, or it will be simplified by relying more on motion tracking / virtual reality.

    How the PS5 will implement the 4K

    What is 4k and worse than 8k that is so fashionable these days when you want to buy a TV, HD TVs have a resolution of 1080p. but for those who do not know that it is a resolution of 1080p, I did not say anything 1080p is equivalent to 1920 × 1080 pixels, now the resolution in 4K is equivalent to 3840x2160 pixels, which translates into a resolution of 2160p, that is, the double 1080p, which makes it equivalent to two 1080p screens in height and length respectively.

    This technology was created for the cinemas since before such a big screen it was much easier to notice the imperfections of the resolution, but the TV manufacturers started marketing it in their devices in order to offer some technological novelty, however for the human eye and at such a short distance this resolution will not be too long.

    This same trend has been transferred to the world of video games, evidently this increases costs, since it must promise a faster and visual data transfer of 60 frames per second. However, the current consoles are not able to support such a heavy game as this requires a powerful machine, PS4 is not compatible with 4K games.

    The games in 4K will improve the quality of the games but the consoles may be late for this party since LG and Toshiba showed televisions with an 8K resolution at CES 2012. It's one thing to see a movie in 4K, but to play a game in that kind of resolution, you need a very powerful hardware. In this sense the consoles are being left behind since the high-end PCs are the only ones capable of supporting this type of games.

    The constant search of the players to obtain better graphics and for their greater fidelity position lead us without a doubt towards the 4K technology. Undoubtedly, the PS5 will have as a standard 4K technology, but the problem with this is how the games will be commercialized, since not even Blu-Ray discs can contain all the space we need. for a game that requires so much space, since the disc can only store 50 GB, which is what a game occupies in 1080p. This has resulted in a large amount of 4K content being offered digitally. This type of resolution can only work as a digital format.

    Surely by the time of the release of PS5 there will already be the 8k and 10k screens, but we do not think that any console will be able to offer games for these resolutions because it would be very expensive.

    Frequent Questions about the new Playstation

    What will be the price of ps5?

    As we mentioned above in the section of PS5 Price, our analysis considered that the launch price should be around $399, this assumption is based on previous releases and marketing strategies since when playstation released a console that exceeded the $399 in the case of the PS3 sales numbers did not favor them have made their competitor Microsoft console the Xbox 360 regained ground.

    However there are other analysts who think that the PS5 will be launched with a price of $499 and there are those who bet on a price of $599, and based on the launch the price of the PS4 could fall to $250 months before the launch of playstation 5.

    Is there a new PlayStation 5 coming out in 2019?

    We also discussed this topic extensively in our section of PS5 release date, we gave a more extensive analysis of what I'm going to do here, in summary, as we mentioned above, the new playstation is ready by 2019, they would have already sent the development kit to the game developers, but it seems unlikely that the ps5 will be launched in 2019, the most widespread opinion among experts is that the new playstation will be launched in the fall of 2020 and another group that thinks that by 2021

    Is there a ps5 coming out?

    IDC analyst Lewis Ward says that the PS5 and Xbox Two will be released in E3 2020. Ward does not bet on many surprises for this E3 2019, the E3 2020 will be the year of the long awaited launch of Sony and Microsoft consoles. It has already been confirmed that Sony will not attend the E3 2019, for the first time in the history of the expo. In this sense seems unlikely that Microsoft dare to launch its new console alone because the strategy is that the consoles are launched parallel, with the E3 2020 the ideal scenario.

    Project Cars, Slightly Mad, decided that they will enter the fight with a new console to take advantage of the vacuum left by Sony and Microsoft, with a new console called Mad Box that according to its creators the Mad Box is "the most powerful console ever built" capable of killing titans will run 4K, VR at 60 fps, and offers 'a complete free engine' for the developers of curious games.

    Mad Box has its point of view in the game of 120 FPS as standard, The strength in sales of this new console may end up accelerating the release of the PS5 and Xbox Two, however, it seems unlikely that the new console can make shadow of these giants.

    The PlayStation 5, or PS5 as it will be known, is the inevitable follow-up of PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro, depending on how the sales of the PS4 evolve will determine the launch of a new console

    Will ps4 games be compatible with ps5?

    The compatibility with previous versions will be the top of the wish list of many fans of PS4 for the PS5, and without a doubt this one among the most frequent questions in the web searchers. since the amount of games on the PS4 makes players want to take advantage of the power in the new Playstation

    Compatibility with previous versions on the PS4 for PS3 games is only possible through the PlayStation Now service. Experts say that this was because the PS3 used a single processor which made its compatibility with the hardware of the PS4 was impossible, however, this was not the case of Xbox and if it could overcome this problem with their consoles xbox one and xbox 360 through the emulators.

    Microsoft is ahead of Sony in this department, offering backward compatibility on Xbox One for Xbox 360 and original physical Xbox games.

    For this reason is that this issue creates many doubts in the case of Playstation of the compatibility with previous versions, Flook hopes that it is easy to move the PS4 games

    Is Playstation 5 confirmed? or Is Sony making a ps5?

    Sony prefers don't to talk about a new console, because its PS4 is still sold very well motivated by its strategy of exclusive games like God of war or Spider-Man, make talk of a PS5 could cause sales of PS4 to fall drastically, for what the new console is a secret to Sony voices, however, have confirmed the existence of the PS5 in a comment given to the Financial Times

    "At this point, what I can say is that it is necessary to have a next-generation hardware," says Kenichiro Yoshida from Sony to the FT, but without commenting on the additional reports that PS5 would be something like a deviation from PS4.

    There are those who think that Sony is still studying its strategy based on the movements of its competition, because Microsoft thinks about transmission of games and xCloud, whose main objective is to carry all the games, theirs, but also the titles of third parties, mobile devices such as phones and tablets, also closely follow Nintendo Switch and its great success of its portable console.

    To compete with Microsoft, Sony launched its PlayStation Now but it is not clear at all in Mobile. However, it does not seem that Sony cares much about these issues since its great strength has always been based on the power of its hardware with exclusive games and high quality

    Will ps5 play 4k discs? or Will ps5 have a 4k player?

    HD TVs announce a 1080p resolution. 4K is actually 2160p. The term refers to a minimum resolution of 3,840 pixels wide and 2,160 pixels high, which makes it equivalent to two 1080p screens, this technology was created for movie theaters, however, when we move it to our house this Technology is practically imperceptible at a normal viewing distance on a home television set it does not look very different than 1080p.

     It's one thing to watch a movie in 4K, but to play a game in that kind of resolution, you need serious hardware, that's why the PS4 does not support the highest resolution, it's not designed to do it, we're at the point where not even Blu-Ray discs can contain all the space we need. A Blu-ray disc can store up to 50 GB, but games in 1080p resolution already occupy this space. At present there are ways to apply double layers and ways to improve storage, but eventually become obsolete. This type of resolution can only work as a digital format, unless we can develop discs that can contain much more space.

    How long will ps4 last?

    As we have already mentioned, Sony is not very interested in talking about PS5 at this time because PS4 has a solid position in the market. So it does not make sense to talk about replacement when the PS4 works so well, however, it seems that the PS4 is exhausted as a platform and is crying out for more powerful hardware.

    Do not forget that the PS4 has more than 5 years and in terms of technology is so obsolete, the life of the original PlayStation, the launch of PS2 was just a few months; The PS3 itself was succeeded by the PS3 after six years. Sony's tacit confirmation that it will not release a PS4 successor for at least another three years means that the PS4 version on the market will be eight years or more.

    The reason that this is happening is because there is a diminishing performance of technological advances, the jump from the PlayStation to the PS2 was also spectacular, PS3 introduced HD graphics, PS4 Pro incorporate 4K games to the mix. but the jump from PS3 to PS4 is the smallest of any generational change.

    Screenshots and PC games would be taking away console users and making their old hardware feel inadequate. GPUs and cutting-edge CPUs are capable of some amazing things, but next to what consoles do, the difference is simply not what a generational leap is.

    Experts already think that the next console could be the last generation of consoles. The possibility of a generation of consoles being extended a decade or more thanks to periodic updates of the same basic hardware has become widespread.