2019-02-18 23:41:37 > > Sony patents a new control for VR

 A new controller patent, could reveal data on the PlayStation VR of the future.

Reportedly, two new patents of Sony PlayStation VR drivers were registered.

In the year 2018 it was that a first patent of these controllers saw the light and according to the documents left the brilliant orb that had the original PlayStation Move controllers. In addition, this new patent reveals the analog sticks, something that the current PlayStarion Move do not count, which has made moving in virtual reality with these is a bit bulky.

These new patents filed in 2017 and published last week, mention two other new updates.
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    One of them is something that Sony has called: "presentation of a sense of strength", this means that the controller would put a slight but certain resistance when pressing the buttons, that is, the trigger on the back, which would turn the actions into something relatively more real The controller can also provide different pressure levels at different compression points.

    The other is the possibility of knowing if a controller is held in the left or right hand, this is due to a sensor that detects the position of the hand and can readjust the buttons.

    It would also be good if this technology was used for very basic finger tracking as with the Oculus Touch controllers. So know when your fingers are holding the sticks or triggers and can represent your virtual hands.

    It is possible that these new PlayStation controllers are accompanied by a new version of the Sony headphones.

    Also according to the rumors it is expected that the successor of the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5 is announced for next year, if so we hope that this version of the headphones comes with it.