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2024-06-14 10:57:40

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Our guide today aims to explain to you How to get Metallica skins in Fortnite, let's see.

The electrifying collaboration between Metallica and Fortnite brings with it a wave of themed content for Chapter 3, Season 4, including skins, accessories, and an in-game concert.

How to get Metallica skins in Fortnite?

Players can acquire the skins of all four members of Metallica through two methods:

Fortnite Season 4 Festival Battle Pass

By acquiring the Fortnite Season 4 Festival Battle Pass for 1,800 V-Bucks, the Lars Ulrich skin is instantly unlocked. By completing missions and playing on the Main Stage or Battle Jam, you can unlock the following skins:

  • Robert Trujillo (2,000 Festival Points)
  • Kirk Hammett (9,000 Festival Points)
  • James Hetfield (11,000 Festival Points)

Metallica Bundle in the Item Shop

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  • This bundle includes all four battle-themed "Master of Puppets" skin variants.
  • The bundle can be purchased in the Item Shop for 3,400 V-Bucks, which represents a savings of 3,700 V-Bucks compared to purchasing each skin individually.
  • As an exclusive bonus, the bundle includes the Metallica wrap.

Relevant Dates

  • Fortnite Festival Season 4 concludes on August 16, 2024.
  • While there is no official confirmation, it is possible that Metallica skins will arrive in the Item Shop at a later date.
  • Metallica skins are compatible with Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Festival, and LEGO Fortnite game modes.

Now that you know all about How to get Metallica skins in Fortnite, you can embark on this quest and thus have more fun.

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