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Today we bring you an explanatory guide with everything you need to know about How to search containers at Megalo Depot or Estate Station in Fortnite?

Within the incredible world of Fortnite you will find a large number of daily challenges that will undoubtedly make you live exciting experiences through its multiple adventures. Although these challenges tend to be quite easy to complete, you should start as soon as possible in case you have to move from place to perform the action.

An example of this is the mission where you will be asked to search for the containers in Megalo Depot or Estate Station, where you will have to test your search skills as you travel to these locations. If you want to know more about it, keep reading.

How to search containers at Megalo Depot or Estate Station in Fortnite?

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This guide details the process of completing a Fortnite quest that requires searching containers at Megalo Depot or Estate Station.

  • Target Containers: For this quest, "containers" encompass chests, ammo boxes, and produce boxes.  
  • Quantity Required: Successfully open a total of three containers across either Megalo Depot or Estate Station. 


  •  Megalo Depot: Situated on the southernmost portion of the map. Look for it between Brutal Beachhead (where Megalo Don can be found) and Redline Rig (frequented by The Machinist). Crucially, distinguish Megalo Depot from Brutal Beachhead. Megalo Depot is designated as a Landmark, and its name will appear in the bottom left corner upon entering the area.
  • Estate Station: Situated on the northernmost portion of the map, directly next to Lavish Lair. Head slightly south from Lavish Lair to locate the train station, which is your target zone.

Strategic Considerations:

  • Efficiency: The quest allows completing the container search at either location. Choose the one that best suits your overall strategy or landing preference.
  • Safety: While searching containers, prioritize staying alert for other players. Both Megalo Depot and Estate Station can be populated areas, so maintain vigilance.

Additional Notes:

-This quest exemplifies tasks that involve exploring specific areas within Fortnite.

-Other examples of similar quests include:

  • Visiting Cliff Houses and The Other Windmill.
  • Searching containers at Lil Dirty Dock or Coastal Columns.
  • Exploring Oasis Pool locations.
  • Surviving a designated amount of time within the Nitrodome.

In conclusion, we hope that this guide on How to search containers at Megalo Depot or Estate Station in Fortnite? It will help you and you can find all the containers while you immerse yourself in a journey to the established locations, all while experiencing all the adventures that Fortnite has for you.

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