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Discover How to deal damage to or take damage from a War Bus in Fortnite? in this excellent and explanatory guide.

Some of the most important things to do in Fortnite are the weekly missions, as they give you a lot of XP and access to exclusive Battle Pass rewards. One of the many tasks you will encounter will be to inflict or cause damage to a military bus. This mission has two parts: find a war bus and do the necessary damage. How to deal or take damage from a war bus in Fortnite can be difficult to understand, so here's the explanation, let's see.

How to deal damage to or take damage from a War Bus in Fortnite?

This task can be completed in a variety of ways. A screenshot of Dot Esports
To deal or take damage from a war bus in Fortnite, you must deal 250 damage against it or take 250 damage. There are numerous ways to complete this task, such as:

  • Let the NPCs using the grenade launcher turrets on top of the war bus shoot at you. To get their attention, you may have to first hit the bus, the boss they are following, or one of them.
  • Hit the war bus with nitro fire guns or megalo don fire guns.
  • Use any weapon to attack the warship. Powerful weapons like Mythic Weapons or the Boom Bolt are a great option here.
  • With a pickaxe, repeatedly hit the bus.
  • Use a modified vehicle or a mythical car to crash into the War Bus.
  • The War Bus runs over you.

Because you can damage or take damage from the War Bus in any way you can think of, this part of the task is pretty easy. However, finding a war bus is the part of this task that is often most complicated.

Where is the war bus in Fortnite?

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Since this vehicle has no defined location, a War Bus can appear anywhere on the map. Some specific factors related to medal bosses wandering around completely determine where a War Bus is and how many are present.

  • If she decides to drive around the map, One War Bus always follows the driver. This war bus does not appear if it remains parked in the Redline Rig.
  • When he goes out to explore, a warship drives right behind Megalo Don. This War Bus does not appear if you stay at Brutal Beachhead for the match.
  • If both the Machinist and Megalo Don remain in their fixed locations, a war bus appears at a random location around the map. If either of the other two war buses are present, this bus will never appear.

Due to these factors, there may only be one or two war buses present at a time. One of the war buses following any of the bosses can be easily found by looking for its marker on the map. When it comes to the random War Bus, there is no way to track it, so you just have to walk around and hope to find it. The War Bus can be used to damage players and enemy vehicles.

Listening to loud rock music is one way to find the randomly generated War Bus as you adventure around the map. I heard it in the distance several times and was able to follow the music of the War Bus. Once this mission is completed, you will earn 15,000 XP for your efforts. Additionally, it leads you to claim some additional mission rewards through the battle pass.

We hope that the information detailed here about inflicting damage or receiving damage from a war bus has been very useful for your fun and progress in this interesting and fast-paced game.

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