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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to find the Coastal Rumors NPCs in Fortnite? with precise details

Fortnite players love hiding Easter eggs and secret missions that no one can see, and its latest update added plenty of new dialogue and NPCs. Coastal Rumors is one of the hidden teasers surrounding the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration, which was also included in the game's leaked roadmap. The same event occurs with a black sailboat in the center of the map in the game. Everything you need to know about Fortnite's Secret Coastal Rumor Quest is here.

How to find the Coastal Rumors NPCs in Fortnite?

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To start the Coastal Rumors quest in Fortnite, you need to meet the three NPCs listed below and talk to them about the coastal rumors you've been hearing. NPCs are listed below:

  • Chiara is one of the new NPCs found near the Great Glacier and sells a combat assault rifle and useful Shockwave grenades. She usually walks around the mansion's garden. To complete the first stage of the quest, find the text option with Coastal Rumors.
  • Brite Raider is located on a remote island south of Brutal Beachead and Redline Rig. She has access to the Boom Bolt, which is useful for destroying enemies and for repairing the torch to get your vehicle working properly again. It will be enough to ask him about the coastal rumors to complete the second stage of the challenge.
  • Riot: The NPC with pink hair stays in the factory east of Classy Courts. Upon arriving at the place, you should notice a series of graffiti designs on the walls that the character has made to decorate the place. To complete the quest, ask about coastal rumors again.
  • To level up your battle pass, you must complete the quest and earn the easiest 5,000 XP of your life after interacting with the three NPCs.

Finally, now that we have covered what is necessary in terms of finding the Coastal Rumors NPCs, we must do it to progress in this interesting and fast-paced game.

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