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Fortnite: How To Find The Secret Loot Boat

2020-06-30 08:41:38

The action in Fortnite does not stop so today. We are going to explain how to find the secret loot boat.

We are already in season 3 of chapter 2 in Fortnite, which we have been playing for 2 weeks, where the changes have to stand out, like the water world in most of the map, this time we are looking for answers to How to find the secret loot boat and for them we will follow the next content of this guide.

What to know about the secret loot boat in Fortnite?

Because we are focused on the aquatic world that this season 3 offers us, we will have access to new boats, we will fish sharks and even the presence of aquaman is included, there are some secrets that will attend, so look for the secret boat that has for us a Loot, the only thing is the difficulty to find this, but it is possible that it is something that will be worth it, to continue with the reading we will possibly arrive at the answers regarding How to find the secret code of the loot, so we will continue.

How to find the secret loot boat in Fortnite?

Among the many possibilities that exist in the season, we have to locate the secret bar loot boat becomes complicated, it has to do with the fact that it will not always appear in the same place and is not present on the map. , so if we want to achieve this, it is necessary that we are on the battle bus, from the air we will be able to notarize everything more clearly, having the purpose that anywhere on the coasts we visualize the barcode, but this has a time of availability, For what they take to find it can consume a lot of time, we must find this directly and with some luck not all other participants have the same action.

We already have in mind how difficult it is to find, considering that it is very small but if we sell a loot with the loot it contains, when we find it accessing many cafes, among which they are easily hidden and others easily visible, they will be discussed here mostly strangers, here it is possible to find many materials, taking into account the amount of the mast to continue playing, it is important that this barcode dries quickly, because it will be hit by a storm, we will have the option to use a boat that is in the back for our return to the island that is important.

Finally, now that we know how to find the secret loot boat we can go ahead having fun at Fortnite.

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Epic Games
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July 25, 2017
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