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Pokemon Cafe Mix: How to Get more Acorns

2020-06-29 12:10:15

Today we made for you a Pokemon Cafe Mix guide where we will explain how to get more acorns, let's see.

What are acorns in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

 These are nothing more than objects that have been incorporated into this game and they work like a coin, since they usually work in a similar way and are necessary to get some power-ups, since they are valuable resources for trainers, this means that knowing how to get more acorns simply it is a necessary task that we cannot miss.

How to get more acorns in Pokemon Cafe Mix?

 Getting these acorns is necessary but it is necessary to take into account that winning golden acorns is vital and that the ideal is to get these coins to be earned in a relatively short time, that is, with the least amount of movements as possible, that implies having to make an arduous effort.

 These objects include the so-called golden horns thereby allowing the possibility of getting daily stamps while we can log in for a few days consecutively, and this is specifically because they are usually cumulative, an example of this is the possibility of getting a free pikachu with 5 days of access which represents an excellent reward.

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With all this work done, it is highly probable that the figures will not reach and this simply implies the need to have to buy them for real money, and thus make our work here not so heavy, thereby achieving the following amounts.

  Article packages distributed as follows.

  •   Acorns can be worth $ 0.99 for 1,200 acorns.
  • $ 4.99 for 6,100 acorns.
  • $ 9.99 for 12,000 acorns.
  • $ 19.99 for 24,000 acorns.

  There is the possibility of connecting religiously every day since it is possible to hide some acorns it will only be necessary to have intelligence and speed to search for them.

  In short, Knowing how to get more acorns simply allows us to choose formidable rewards at Pokemon Cafe Mix.

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