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2020-10-23 07:45:21

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FIFA 21 is a game that keeps us constantly moving, let's see How to sell consumables.

What to know about the consumables in FIFA 21?

It is something that became tedious due to the complexity of the menu function that allows applying them, because now there is the possibility of obtaining a profit without the sale of players, the detail is the constant restart of the menu each time it is tried make the sale, being an obstacle in terms of the process, so it is ideal that we know how to sell consumables in a better way and the following content will be in charge of helping us with that, let's see it.
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How to sell consumables in FIFA 21?

We will look for the hidden option of My Club, to reach the transfer part of the main menu, here we will make a choice from the list of this in the middle, reaching what we have placed for sale, what we will do now is press the L3 to have the MI Club menu in the old version, after we change the search to consumables it is possible to sell them, with the Triangle or Y we will have each of these in a list and with the X or A we will make the choice, to have them in a list with the prices set and that are for sale, having a possibility in which the constant output of the menu is not presented.

Finally, now that we know how to sell consumables, we can move on to FIFA 21.

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