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Welcome to our Fortnite guide, in which we will talk about where to find all the XP coins in Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9.

What to know about XP Coins in Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9 of Fortnite?

We will find it scattered throughout the map and it is necessary that we find them, taking into account that we are already in season 4 we have seen a lot of special content and this is one of them, if we want to increase our level it is appropriate to know where to find all the coins of XP in chapter 2, season 4, week 9 and in this guide we will make it possible, we just have to pay attention from here on.
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Where to find all XP coins in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9?


 Gold XP coins

  •  First: we will have this to the east of Heart Lake, precisely north of the Stark industries, we pass the shore of the lake and we will notice a small garden in a courtyard, in the middle is the coin
  • Second: in the park of heroes we will find it, east of Weeping Woods and south of the authority, in the upper part of the statue we have the XP coin and we have from these resolved where to find all the XP coins in Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9 in specific


 The Purple XP Coins

  •  First: to the north of the domain of perdition we will continue until we find some cars that are rusted and destroyed by trees, in the middle of this is the coin.
  • Second: it is necessary that we go north of Catty Corner and reach some snowy mountains, here we will find a wooden cabin, to the north of this is the Fortnite coin.


 Blue XP Coins

  •  First: to the northeast of Craggy Cliffs we must look for the point that stands out the most on this island, when we get here we will find a ship, in this there is a box on the left that when destroying it gives us the coin.
  • Second: we must climb a mountain south of Misty Meadows, to reach a camp that has a metal structure, it is necessary that we enter and destroy the computer terminal on the right, this coin is found when opening the door.
  • Third: in the same building as the previous coin, east of Catty Corner in the snowy mountain, where the base camp hotel is by reference, when entering here it is necessary that we break a computer terminal and take the coin.
  • Fourth: in the southwest corner of Retail Row is this coin, we have to locate the yellow house and in the backyard of this there is a dog house, destroying it reveals the coin in Fortnite.


 Green XP Coins

  •  First: to the southwest of Salty Spring we have a house in ruins, the top floor of this there is a door and here we find the coin
  • Second: to the south of Coral Castle there is an island we must locate a stone tower and in the center of this is the coin next to some palm trees
  • Third: related to where to find all the XP coins in chapter 2, season 4, week 9 the third green XP coin is found starting from the Stark industries building to the eastern hills, at the top of here is the coin .
  • Fourth: starting from the location of the previous coin, we go to the coast, there is a land that protrudes at the top of Dirty Docks and we found it.


 We can conclude that knowing where to find all XP coins in chapter 2, season 4, week 9 is easier with these indications, let's follow them and enjoy Fortnite.

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