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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-15 21:34:08

Today we are going to talk about How to get secret endings as this is necessary in Far Cry 5.

  Talking about secret endings simply means that there is more than one, since it would not be really strange since particularly the previous installments have presented similar ones.

How to get secret endings in Far Cry 5?

  •   Prologue: This is an ending that appears in the prologue, we can see a button that we usually press, if we want this ending it will only be necessary to ignore the button, because just by waiting a few minutes our character will leave and we will get it to finish by showing us the credits.
  •   Boss ending for John: Our task is to increase the resistance points in our region and eliminate John.
  •   Bad Nuclear Ending: This is a bad ending and occurs with the boss fight, it happens at the end of the game and to achieve it, it will only be necessary to select the Resist option in Far Cry 5.


  • End finished by Faith: It requires increasing the resistance points of our region to proceed to kill Faith.
  • Good End: Not all the time the endings can be bad and knowing How to obtain secret endings allows to find out about more than one, for this good end it is only necessary to select the option to go to the vehicle, because here there is no complete clarity because it seems that It's open.
  • End for Jacob: It is necessary to increase the resistance points of our region and eliminate Jacob.

Now that you know how to get secret endings it is only a matter of getting the one you like the most, because this is the advantage of having more than one, because there is freedom of choice, so do not stop playing and achieve your goals in Far Cry 5 .

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