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Now that Ooblets has been released, there are probably many wondering how to change the appearance of your character and we already have it covered.

What is Ooblets?

This is the new life simulation video game developed by Glumberland that was released on July 15, 2020 for PC users.

The game has a number of hair and clothing options available to you that you can modify after you've unlocked your first day in Badgetown.

How to change the appearance of your character in Ooblets?

To change your appearance we have to go to Snups. To change his clothes, you must visit Kibbonbon. In order to use any service that we have to make use of your gummies, anything by the way we already told you how to obtain in a previous article.

To get to Snups we will have to head towards the east side of the city. Padrig owns it, go to any of the three chairs to modify your character.
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    Your character has 17 colors, the same goes for his facial hair but if you don't have facial hair, Snups is the place, beautify your character, and Snups also change your hair.

    Across town we'll find Kibbonbon, so find a Snups next to the kitty in a sweater logo and other clothing items available for you to choose from inside the store.

    Thus ends this article on how to change the appearance of your character in Ooblets, we hope that it has been as useful as possible and you can give a more personal touch to your character.

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