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Halo 3: How to get the Acrophobia Skull

2020-07-15 13:00:31

Halo 3 brings us a new skull, so today we are going to tell you how to get the Acrophobia skull

What is the acrophobia skull in Halo 3?

  Some skulls in this game are available to us in the menus, but this one is specifically located in a specific place in the game, which makes it interesting, because as we will remember this game is not necessarily a super novelty for those of us who play on consoles but for Finally, the request that it was available for PC was listened to and here we are, faced with the possibility of having a new skull waiting for us to unlock it.

How to get Acrophobia skull in Halo 3 3?

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This skull allows us to fly, interesting, isn't it? Well, it is possible to reach a great speed but in the same way we have to be as careful as possible and this is because we are probably flying and we can collide with a star causing death. With this skull there is the possibility of exploring some areas that we had not been able to access.

  The risks of using this skull are simply normal, since we must limit ourselves in terms of speed and be moderately careful, it is not time to die flying. However, what is important is to keep in mind that this skull beauty can be achieved just by eliminating a total of 343 flying enemies, it is not an easy task but it can be accomplished without major inconvenience.

  This is all we know about How to get the Acrophobia skull since it obviously becomes an excellent tool to enjoy Halo 3.

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