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Normally a post in Facebook usually receives responses and today we will explain how to eliminate likes and reactions.

What does Facebook represent for society?


  This is more than a simple social network, since it has become a platform where all kinds of people converge, where they publish everything, getting a certain amount of reactions, from other users of said platform, it also allows us to carry a sequence of events that occurred making a timeline with it, but there are those who do not seem to like it very much and today they raise the possibility of knowing how to eliminate likes and reactions, since it is obvious that not everyone likes this type of response.
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How to remove likes and Facebook reactions on the web?


 Some take this option because they consider that it can probably be filled with unwanted messages but as all this has a solution, here we will see with deleting likes and reactions in a publication and it is done in this way:


  •  Access Facebook and log in.
  • Next we proceed to click on the icon that is located in the upper corner on the right side to open the menu.
  • We proceed to click on “settings and privacy”.
  • Then we move to "Activity log", there we select filter.
  • Then we will click on "Likes and reactions", then on "save changes", as this means that we can view them in chronological order.
  • Then we will pass the cursor over the entry of said post, we will click on the menu of the post and we will click on "Unlike" or simply "eliminate reaction".


 Now if our goal is to eliminate likes and reactions on a page, it is only necessary:


  •  Access Facebook and go to our profile page.
  • Click on More that we can see below our cover photo.
  • We will click "like" so that you can direct us to the pages that we liked previously.
  • At this point it is necessary to click "I like", in the past, as this will show us the option.
  • Finally, we refresh the page or pages that we have possibly liked, noting that they simply no longer appear on our list.

How to remove likes and reactions from Facebook on our mobile?


 Facebook is a platform that is not only available on the web but also has the necessary applications for smartphones and this implies the possibility of making some changes regarding the reactions that we may not like, for this it is necessary:


  •  Open the Facebook application on our mobile device.
  • Proceed to touch the menu icon where we can see options at the top of our screen in the particular case of being on Android, on the contrary at the bottom if we are on iOS.
  • Then we proceed to touch on Settings and privacy to proceed to select Settings.
  • We go to touch Activity log and there we select Category.
  • Then it is necessary to select Likes and reactions, this leads us to open the menu that is on the right side of the post where it is possible to select Unlike and ready.

Another method can be:

  •  Open the app and touch the profile picture.
  • Then go to tap Activity Log and then tap Category.
  • Next we select Likes and reactions to take us to the post that we liked where it will be necessary to select on the right side Unlike.


This is all we can do to know how to eliminate likes and reactions, counting on the fact that there are some occasions when we feel fed up with these responses in Facebook.

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